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[X3AP] I should be friends with the Terrans but their stations are shown as "hostile"

Dear all, I haven't posted anything on this forum for more than 3 years, so let me apologize if I've started a redundant thread or posted this message in the wrong section. To the matter at hand: I started as an Argon peacekeeper. I completed the "shady business" plot and opted for a diplomatic ending to the war, which lead to a ceasefire between the Argon and the Terrans. My ultimate goal was to have access to Terran ships so I could eventually lodge my foot up some Xenon behinds with more vigor. Although I've built a pretty good relationship with the Terrans (killing 25 xenon capital ships...
06-03-2018 - egosoft.com save
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Looking for suggestions (TC)

So, I just built yet another Griffon at my PHQ to patrol my sectors and protect my stations from Pirates, Xenon, and Yaki, all of whom detest me (and the feeling is mutual.) Now, I'm a bit of a Terran fanboy, so most of the time I load my Griffon up with a mixture of Scimitars and Cutlasses. Every now and then I deviate... I have a couple full of Ventis, one Rapid Response Ship filled with Spitfyres (I figure you can't get much more rapid than that) and another with a squadron of Solanos armed with mass drivers. So I'm thinking I want to shake things up a little bit, do something different....
17-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) OK, Kyoto, what am I doing wrong?

Normally, I spent many of my battles driving Tyr, trying to snipe Xenons from distance, then strafing like hell when they get close. I tried to fight with Kyoto few times and realized Kyoto can't do that. So, please, tell me, how do you, Kyoto captains, fly this ship personally? Any tips, tricks or tactic? Thx in advance
07-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) Shady Business Unknown Sector

Hello all, I want to ask about your opinion about my idea on part of this plot. I am trying to find a way, to jump to Xenon Graveyard with Acinonyx Prototype and with M7 ship I want collect engine tunings with. I thought of docking Acinonyx to Aran just before jump and then releasing my M7 and collecting cargo. But I want to park Aran somewhere out of Xenon reach. If I order Aran to fly about 1000 km from sector center, will spawned Xenons still try to destroy it? I thought Aran with M6 (Springblossoms - they are able to catch Aran, while on ludicrous speed) is able to defend himself, but well...
09-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

A Confession

I must confess. I have strayed from the high ground. Succumbed to filthy temptations. Failed to resist. It did start, when I went to a bar in Kyoto. There were good, honest, unemployed spacefarers, but I raised my voice and spoke: Hello pilots! I have an offer for you. At the pier there are five, shiny, carefully groomed Komodo, each with tri-sonar, tri-abacus and a springboard. Feel free to take them for a ride. We'll give you the number of our accountant, who will help you with all kinds of credit transactions remotely from our Communication Center, aka "HQ". We have only two tiny wishes...
24-04-2017 - egosoft.com save

Sux at combat

Been using a Mamba Raider and going mainly to Xenon Sector 101;shooting a few M and L but cant handle much larger for the moment in the Mamba. OK, had a Centaur given to me;so,I outfitted it with 4 CIG and 4 EBC in front,rear-mass driver and side turrets EBC. Its like the Xenon are gate camping me when I jump in the gate,lol. So,I turn and try to run out (get some distance) and it works except for one thing, a firestorm missile always gets me. I have (and it worked perfect on the Mamba) the rear turret set to missile defense (and I do have mass driver ammo on board. But, it will not shoot at...
13-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

Trading and the war

Playing a Humble Merchant. I have numerous CLS and mutiple sector and local traders going. I got involved in the war without thinking what was going to happen to my ranking with ATF and Terran. Well Ive blown that and it seems to difficult to get that back up. Also I am at the point to cap a Xenon L and thats proving to be improbable. Each time I find one (or two);the Ls are in battles and someone finishes them off,lol. But, thats ok also. I just want to get my trading empire going. At the sake of losing my vanilla game,Im up for suggestions for mods to change the game so I can access Teran. I...
17-03-2017 - egosoft.com save
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Three questions: race rank stagnation, isolating ships, mobile mining in AP

State of my game: PHQ/Xenon Hub plot completed, PHQ set up in Weaver's Tempest; 200m in the bank; Ariadne jumping around with fleet of Kestrels to scan asteroids and search for derelict ships; fleet of 10 Logisticians in tricked-out Hayabusas running various networks (examples: Nostrop Oil from refineries in Teladi NW to weapon facts in Teladi NE, Sunrise Flowers from farms in Teladi NE to aforementioned refineries, Ore to weapon facts in Split N, crystal from my crystal plexes to the many weapon facts that need it, etc.). Firstly, my rank doesn't seem to be increasing by even one percentage...
14-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

Terran/Aldrin Mission Timers

Tl;dr: How do you complete missions in Aldrin with the 10-15 min timers (which is all i've seen so far)? Ok, so I did a 'humble merchant' start. I did the plots for the main story, hq, hub, and corporation troubles. I don't like to pew pew except vs Xenon and Pirates, so did min kills needed vs terran during the main plot. No problems really. Now I'm trying to run the 'shady business' plot. From the main plot, my terran rep is 22% Terran Renegade, so no trading with terrans. Once I get my Terran rep to -1 (I think), I'll be able to trade with them, and that will open up the path to improving...
01-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

New X game wishlist!! write here features you need in next X game

Multiple ship player direct control (fighters, corvettes, frigates) Carrier based fighters and bombers One cockpit for fighter, one for corvette and one bridge for capital ship. New cockpits with DLC’s -Fighter rol: Defense against enemy fighter and bombers -Bombers rol: Attacking capital ships subsystems or large ships (engines and weapons prioritizing) they won’t fight fighters ever!! You may select missile and weapon types for fighters!! Maybe UNIQUE DRONE CARRIERS!. Drones (mass attacking but low quality): -Interceptors: against fighters, fast. -Multirole: moderate damage, targets fighters...
15-12-2016 - egosoft.com save

Jump Beacons and Hubs, what's the deal?

How do i take advantage of the jump beacons? I have been playing for hundreds of hours but is has not become apparent to me why they are sitting in some sectors? Also, haven't gotten the "hub" but read that there is a Xenon Hub, what does that mean? How does this affect X3:AP?
01-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

Question about x3tc plots

Well i finally scanned the pirate base and did the waves and waves of xenon in circle of labor (bankrupt assassin start, most assuredly hard) and the decafs in treasure chest. My plan is to do enough of the plotline missions (i might leave terracorp and otas alone, they seem a little sinister, great jumpdrives tho) to keep the political and economic situation evolving. So my question is: If i dont do the plotlines do they proceed without me? Does the political economic and military situation evolve if i dont do the plots? Right now im taking advantage of the argons lack of appreciation of the...
15-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

L2M023 Shady Business Developer Walk through and Story Prologue

About three years ago Egosoft released X3AP 3.0. At its time, it included some of the most complex plots ever developed, and was the collaboration between Egosoft staff and some of the most talented volunteers from DevNet. I'm posting some largely unpublished or lost material from that time, largely because I get very nostalgic around this time of year due to my personal life journey. A short explanation of why I've been so quiet these past three years is glossed over at the end of my deprecated Terran Revitalization Project thread, but seeing as this is near the three year anniversary of the...
15-03-2016 - egosoft.com save
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Shady business shenanigans

The are so many things wrong with that xenon unknown sector part. 1) Can't see a thing, the sector is so dim I had to F2 and watch my ship from the side to not bump into shipwrecks. Besides, ain't nobody can see that ISR and jumpdrive component cargo I had to save before approaching and use blind luck. 2) Spawned Xenon fighters fire missiles and will always be faster than our ship (even after collecting the hull plating crate), so if we don't get the hammer torpedo and 200mj shield crates before they spawned we are f**ked in the posterior. What's more, sometimes the crates spawn 15km or...
11-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Invincible NPCs from plots

Please help me find all the invincible NPCs in albion prelude. No legitimate reason for that, I'm just bored. Most of them (if not all) disappear after their roles in their missions are over, please remind me who doesn't so I can blow up their station/ship and collect those people as trophies. For example, the dude who flew the Xperimental shuttle bailed, got picked up by me and later ejected in paranid prime now permanently takes up a docking bay in paranid shipyard. A moment ago I blew up the goner temple and picked up an astronaut called "goner database". A bit of side notes though, people...
09-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

General Tip on fast cargo transfer..

Well..this may sound like ridiculous, but when it comes to fast cargo transfer (biet fleet or single capital vessel) I say there's nothing wrong with the following.. 1) go into options menu, switch of auto save.. 2) Get into ur Boron Dolphin /w docking computer and teleporter.. 3) make sure that the ship(s) nthat need cargo are within 5 km of the Hub that holds the cargo.. 4) Dock Dolphin (14+K cargo) with hub, load the cargo.. 5) Undock, and then target the vessel needing the cargo.. 6) Use freight transfer for dumping the cargo onto target ship.. 7) Re-dock with hub using docking computer...
04-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Shady Business question

Ok so I’m at the point the shady business plot where you end up in the Xenon Graveyard and have to go round scanning the wreckage trouble is I don’t get what all this hacking business is about what is the point of all of that ? Is there actually any point considering that you can completely bypass it by simply hitting escape a number of times and basically ignoring it and still get to the next part of the sequence. if there is then how do you actually complete it because the instructions in game are insufficient and the way its presented is unclear and confusing and I have no idea what I'm...
28-02-2016 - egosoft.com save

[X3:AP] Effective means of combat using Terran M2s?

The Valhalla and Kyoto sport massive firepower, but I can't help but note that every time I take either of them out for a raid on a Xenon sector, my worst enemy is the Q. A Q can strip half the shields off one of these ships before I can bring the guns to bear and kill it. A second Q in the right place would start causing hull damage. What's a better way to fight using one of these ships? Do I really have to get more M2s into the battle? If I were using a Pteranodon or an I, I'd take less or no hits on the shield before killing the Q.
15-10-2015 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Help with Dragonfly complex CAG seller setup

So I've just set up a Dragonfly complex in Queen's Retribution and my CAG Mistral SF is buying energy fine, however I'm having issues with my seller CAG Mako and I'm hoping you guys can help! The Equipment dock doesn't stock the missiles which from what I've read is exactly what you want, and the CAG rank is Major Dealer. It has Ware List type set to Trade List with Dragonfly Missiles being the only option. Trade duties it is set to salesmen and I've not touched anything else (no Jumpdrive naturally since it's all in sector) Are there any settings I've missed that is causing him to just stay...
04-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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[X3TC] Noob questions

Greetings, all! I'm new to this ginormous universe, so please bear with me... I've started as Terran Defender, and I'm working through the plot. 1. I've encountered a few side missions so far, but they all seem to be deliver-a-ship missions. How do I get a ship to deliver when I can't buy one and my self-assumed identity doesn't lean towards stealing one? 2. Aside from missions and bounties on Xenon, how does a pilot in a small fighter make money around here? What can be traded that makes a profit from a small cargo hold?
25-05-2015 - egosoft.com save
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