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X3TC New Events or Plotlines?

I treked through Argon territory and get a message from a Sayreen Yatar that an Argon Colossus has been hijacked by Yaki, BOLO. Nothing pops up in my mission log. Am I missing something in the plot if I skip or ignore this? Besides trying to find out if this "New Home" was a mod or a plotline... (Yes I have ApricotSlice's game guide, but if a mod WHERE? Searches come up dry except for mentions but not WHERE IS THE ... mod?) ... Anyone willing to tell me if it's part of TC 2.5 or where I download it. Searches only come up with mentions and a walk through.
21-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Using CLS2 to distribute wares in sector

Hi all I'm building up a set of factories and complexes in my own sector, for instance I have a bunch of weapons fabs that aren't self sufficient, they all need energy cells to operate. And I have a self-sufficient SPP complex at the centre of the sector. I'm wanting to use a *single* CLS2 pilot to provide ecells to all the factories on a kind of round-robin basis. That is, say that I have a FAA fab and a CIG fab in my sector, my guy can take 6000 energy cells in his cargo bay. I set up CLS2 with 3 waypoints: 1. SPP complex - load up to 6000 ecells 2. FAA fab - unload up to 3000 ecells 3. CIG...
02-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base

Hi there, I've been doing the Goner plot and am on the final mission. I've got all the goods, Spaceweed and SQUASH mines in my Teladi Shrike. I'm trying to dock at the Pirate Base in Gaian Star to transfer the goods. When I comm the base manager, he accepts and says that I should dock -- then the station turns blue, as if it's friendly. But I still can't dock. When I try to use autopilot to dock, I get the "Docking denied" message. And I can't see the physical place on the dock, or any guide path, so I can't dock manually. Has anyone seen this before? I would guess that my rank with Pirates is...
08-10-2017 - egosoft.com save
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X3TC Forgot if is possible to have multiple good at same complex hub

I started a new game after a long X3TC break, started with one station and 10 UT's, I'm in the position to build now upon that station. Its basically a L SPP and I want to add 1-2 spaceweed fabs to it with their Dream farms. SPP makes more than enough energy to support them all, and once I have the cash, I plan to tag a closed loop of crystals to it. But I forgot how to link the fabs, in order for my hub to have both energy cells and spaceweed available for sale (and later crystals, as i will overproduce them). I read some guides to refresh my memory about complexes, but none covered this...
02-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3TC Help with creating a mobile Warehouse? Trying with cag, cls and failing

Hi all! I have been playing for weeks now and found a lot of online resources, but i haven't found a way to do something i really want. I hope i am missing something and someone can help me Situation: My money comes from my fleet of Universal Traders. I have no wish to create my own resources and production stations. I have an Elephant (TL) which is my mobile storage of equipment, shields and weapons and energy (wares). Whenever i use some of its inventory to equip something or load some of its inventory to another ship, i want other TS ships to go out and buy the products / resources as cheap...
07-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

Complex Plans X3TC

I'm not seeing an in forum search feature and Google didn't come up with any hits so I'll see if there is any interest in this in a new thread. I like cool looking factory complexes and have worked out a pretty sweet Space Weed/Fuel complex that I wanted to share. This thread would be a great place to collectively share plans for complexes. Note, I have not built this one yet. It is in the sector you revived from A New Home. After seeing how this one turned out, at least on paper, I'm also going to try a mega weed/fuel complex in LooMankStat's Legacy including a robust defense system using the...
03-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

Starting out in X3TC

Hi phoenix Thanks so much for your guide . I picked up X1, X2, and X3:R & TC/AP in a GOG sale the other day and today is my very first foray into the X world. I decided to jump head first into X3TC and its's very daunting but just about manageable, your guide especially helps a lot. I've followed what you've said to the letter, so I've sold the freighter and upgraded discoverer. I'm currently docked at the home of light sector but can't find the triplex scanner and also I don't see anyone around with a light bulb or currency symbol, the only guy with a light bulb is the pilot training school...
22-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Midgame, not sure where to invest

Hi there, I'm about half way through the Final Fury plot. One of the Kha'ak missions is totally impossible with my current M6-level combat resources. I guess that I must have increased my combat rank to an unreasonable level by shooting so many Kha'ak in-sector on the previous missions. After playing this mission so many times, I decided that I probably needed an M2. So, I've now saved up the ~75M that I would need to buy the Terran Osaka. However I do not have the rank to buy this ship. I figure that it will probably take me quite a long time to gain the needed reputation from doing missions...
14-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing

Greetings CMDRs... I'm currently on a break from Elite: Dangerous and decided to try to get into X3TC (again). Can you X3 gurus with 1000s hours playtime please advise... Here is the situation. 1) I fly around in an M5 to find a passenger mission I like. When I find one, I stay in sector. 2) I tell my TP to jump to the sector the mission is in, meet it en route to the station and transport across to it 3) I open Comms when in range of the mission giver 4) If the mission is still there, I ask for details & stay at the Accept/Reject dialog choice until within 5km of mission giver. I accept the...
15-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

A remastered version !

As the 10 year anniversary is coming to X3TC next year, I wish Egosoft release a remastered version of TC and AP. As both games use a very old game engine (decades old if Im correct), it would be great if they can update/change the game engine. It will definitely fix issues related to processing (FPS drop, etc) as the game progress. I dont mind buying this old gem of a game again, because I have never seen anything like this! X3 is the best...
06-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3TC: Easiest way to transfer my ore to my hub - Hub plot

Apologies if this is a real dumb question, but I've just gone back to playing X3TC after a three year hiatus (!), and I remember now that when I stopped I was at the point of the Hub plot where I needed 000s of units of ore. So I've spent a good few hours setting up ore mines all over Ore Belt, and now I want to set up the simplest method of transferring all that ore to my hub. I'm sure CAG or CLS could do it, but I can't work out how because they seem to depend on trading based on high/low prices, but I really don't care about prices as money is no object (for example I'm making sure the ore...
01-05-2017 - egosoft.com save
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ETA for X3TC 3.3?

So 3.3 was announced in December of last year, and beta-testing started shortly after that. How long does Egosoft usually take from beta to RTM?
26-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3TC Autopilot assistance please.

Spent last few hours playing and it is super slick, faultless.. Although, was really hoping that game designers would have addressed the issue of all the stations running out of everything within a few hours of starting the game.. looks like the rest of it will be played scratching around for resources again unless i am missing something... Is the autopilot supposed to be as bad as I am experiencing? For once, I am really hoping this is a glitch (that can be fixed).. I have died so many times because of the autopilot smashing me into every object it can find, astroids, stations, large ships...
05-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

A nice little earner sector trader advise needed

Hi new to X3TC and just equipped a Sector trader (hated spending 500k on the MK3 upgrade heh) Anyone have advice where to set it to work? I'm currently having it work in Power Circle, but income seems slow. Can I set it to work elsewhere so I can explore other aspects of the game? I'd like to run missions but don't the starter Mercury is up to that? Any advice appreciated
30-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

Question about x3tc plots

Well i finally scanned the pirate base and did the waves and waves of xenon in circle of labor (bankrupt assassin start, most assuredly hard) and the decafs in treasure chest. My plan is to do enough of the plotline missions (i might leave terracorp and otas alone, they seem a little sinister, great jumpdrives tho) to keep the political and economic situation evolving. So my question is: If i dont do the plotlines do they proceed without me? Does the political economic and military situation evolve if i dont do the plots? Right now im taking advantage of the argons lack of appreciation of the...
15-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

X3 chat split from X3TC/AP patch topics thread.

Is this promised update going to happen... or was it a false start?
02-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

Your top "X" game?

Which of Egosoft's "X" games have you enjoyed the most or played the most? as for myself, I loved XBTF, totally fell in love with X:Tension, liked X2, hated X3, bought X3TC but didn't play it much and bought Rebirth and all dlc but really disliked it from the off. I voted X:Tension as that was the game I had the most enjoyment out of. Edit: I spotted a typo in the poll, but can't seem to be able to change it. should be "X2: The Threat". oops. {Fixed that for you. CBJ}
17-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Has anyone boarded a Yaki TL recently?

Just back playing X3TC again, long time away, a Yaki TL was one of my first ever ships to board using an M6 long ago. Looks like things have changed big time on the boarding. I’m using an M7M now with pods, not only does the Yaki TL shoot them all down, even with my fighters distracting it, it runs away at top speed (faster than my M7M can keep up), has Sentry lasers and firewall installed, and even after dispatching its 5 support fighters, another 2 turned up to assist from Yaki space into Paranid space! Blimey. I was impressed, it felt like I was playing against a real person. (I hired the...
27-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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GOD algorithm for removing stations in X3TC

I have just put a lot of effort (using CLS 2) into ensuring the factories in Terran Space are supplied with all the basics - energy, water, food and ore. My main goal was to save the economy and stop GOD removing stations, which I wanted to do as a priority. However, I have now seen a couple of references on the forum to GOD only removing stations if they fill up with goods and nobody buys them. So my questions are: 1. Does supplying a station (as opposed to buying from it) stop the station from being removed by GOD? 2. Have I just speeded up the removal of Terran stations by supplying to them...
22-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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[X3TC] I just capped a Kha'ak Fighter

I didn't know they could be capped! Now I know what to do with the beta kyon emitters I picked up during Final Fury.
21-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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