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(X3AP/XRM) May I get a rundown on how Friendly Fire is calculated?

I tried using search but all that comes up is a sea people venting about the system so I'm having a hard time finding any specifics, so a link or even just a copy pasted explanation of how friendly fire works would be greatly appreciated. It's very confusing for me at times, sometimes I can skim a station with PAC's while defending a station and they'll start chewing me out, but other times like just now to test the limits of the system with what I have currently, I just unloaded into a military station with a macro for about 5 minutes and had no warnings or rep drops. And now I'm just...
30-05-2018 - egosoft.com save

Need help. x3ap: where to get nividium?

Running with the HQ plot and require 75 nividium, somehow I can't find any in the commonwealth. I've searched scale plate green and ore belt using "scan debris" command with my m5 ship, but the report shows no nividium at all. Is there any way to get nividium in the commonwealth?
14-05-2018 - egosoft.com save

How to find drone hauler, X3AP

OK, this is rare thing, but it can spawn in my X-universe, right? What is best way to find it? Will appropriate entry appear in enciclopedia, when my satellite detect it? Or only if I open sector map with sat. and drone... or just only if I personally meet that drone? Thanks
01-05-2018 - egosoft.com save

[X3AP] Problem with in-game graphs

I'm trying to access my player ship usage graph in the Advanced menu of X3AP, but the chart shows what appears to be a random list of ships I've maybe used once only, apart from a few secondary player ships I did use for some time (e.g. Cobra for capping). Either way, no stats are present against the ship names (the 'hours' bars are blank across the entire page). I recall seeing those stats displayed accurately in the earlier days of my current game, but that was before I had many ships or started to look for my favourite ones. I know it's a totally unimportant thing, but just wondering if...
05-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

[X3AP] I should be friends with the Terrans but their stations are shown as "hostile"

Dear all, I haven't posted anything on this forum for more than 3 years, so let me apologize if I've started a redundant thread or posted this message in the wrong section. To the matter at hand: I started as an Argon peacekeeper. I completed the "shady business" plot and opted for a diplomatic ending to the war, which lead to a ceasefire between the Argon and the Terrans. My ultimate goal was to have access to Terran ships so I could eventually lodge my foot up some Xenon behinds with more vigor. Although I've built a pretty good relationship with the Terrans (killing 25 xenon capital ships...
06-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

[X3 AP] Changing from UT to CLS2/CAG

Hello everyone, I have 270 ut's in my current x3ap game and I apparently reached the point were all their trades are +-1the average price of a good and therefor providing bad profits. The universe itself is doing very well with occasional zeta stations (can they get higher?) and I wanted to switch my trade in the commonwealth region to a simple trap/cls2/cag system centered in/around the hub. In this regard I have 2 questions: 1. When I've set up everything and change the buy prices to average and sell prices to below average, would my mk.3 trader cease working when I cover everything? And...
06-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3AP Universe traders

Hi, Just quick question is it normal that universe traders packs like 2k mosquito missles? Or is it bug in script that it bought and just didnt sold the bought amount and continued to buy other stuff to trade. I have 5 of them and 3 seem to carry around like 20 only and few have like 2k and i have manually droped like 1800 from them to space. And for some time later it seem to be that other at least get the 2k again.
30-09-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) Bonus pack: agreement with colleagues limited

It seems the agreement with colleagues for CAG is limited to 5 ships per ware, am i correct? E.g, you cant have more than 5 CAG's buying same ware simultaneously for 1 complex. Iam talking about vanilla with nothing except bonus pack installed.
25-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) Truelight Seeker

Hi, it's possible to get one in vanilla?
18-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) OK, Kyoto, what am I doing wrong?

Normally, I spent many of my battles driving Tyr, trying to snipe Xenons from distance, then strafing like hell when they get close. I tried to fight with Kyoto few times and realized Kyoto can't do that. So, please, tell me, how do you, Kyoto captains, fly this ship personally? Any tips, tricks or tactic? Thx in advance
07-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) Cap ships with highest frontal firepower

I am looking for interesting flagship (currently using Cadius's Tyr). I've read that Split Pteranodon is capable of shooting target with front and both side turrets when positioned properly. Are there any other ships capable of that? I'm traditional Terran (in RL), so I doesn't like alien designs...
07-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

(X3AP) Shady Business Unknown Sector

Hello all, I want to ask about your opinion about my idea on part of this plot. I am trying to find a way, to jump to Xenon Graveyard with Acinonyx Prototype and with M7 ship I want collect engine tunings with. I thought of docking Acinonyx to Aran just before jump and then releasing my M7 and collecting cargo. But I want to park Aran somewhere out of Xenon reach. If I order Aran to fly about 1000 km from sector center, will spawned Xenons still try to destroy it? I thought Aran with M6 (Springblossoms - they are able to catch Aran, while on ludicrous speed) is able to defend himself, but well...
09-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

Finding best locations for factories

Hi all, Well it's been a while since I posted on these forums but I have started playing X3AP after not playing an X game for a few years and I seem to remember an app or something where it would show the sectors and surrounding sectors that have the biggest resource shortfall and was a great way to place profitable factories. I seem to remember you could import a save into it to show the state of the universe in your game or add your factories to the app manually, I really can't remember! It's my age! It's been so long since I used it and maybe I'm dreaming it...but I don't think so! Anyone...
03-03-2017 - egosoft.com save
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[X3AP] Boarding: is the loot depending on Marines Skill levels?

Lately i have been boarding quite a lot, switching from spacewalking from my Hyperion to mostly M7M-based boarding (i use a Cobra). Until now i always got rather empty hulls, with just the occasional minor quantity of trash (a couple of missiles or drones in an M7). Lately (the last two M7 i got from the Yaki and a Jonferco mercenary) i started getting somemore substantial loot, such as 16 CIG or 8 HEPT and I am wondering why. May that be because i am using slightly more trained marines? If yes, can i expect even better loot if I use 5 star marines?
25-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

Can you recomend a mod for me?

X3AP I am looking for a mode that will just add a few new ship models, not Star wars/Startreck/Starcraft models, but rather something like XRM ship models. Or more specifically new ships that are themed like they are part of the game, not as if they came from other game, if you could understand what I am trying to say. And I would like to see npc-s using this ship models, not just me.
22-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

X3AP - Tormented Teladi start won't appear

I have achieved the rank of petty financier, saved, and exited client. Upon relaunching and starting new game Tormented Teladi start isn't listed. What gives?[/list]
21-05-2016 - egosoft.com save
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Aran only in X3:AP, since when?

... according to that it says: Quote: Goner ships (including the Aran) (Aran only in X3AP). When did this happen and why? Ed: Now that I think about it, I believe this refers to the: Goner Ranger which is only available in TC UFJD sectors. Correct me if I am mistaken.
19-05-2016 - egosoft.com save
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X3AP HQ Sub Plot

So..... I've went through the plot just fine up until the last mission to wipe out the Pirates in Wasteland. What I've encountered is that I've wiped the Pirate base out and blew it to space dust with my Split M8. I mean it is gone now. Along with all the Pirates that were flying around. Then I got the message from the Teladi to meet him back at NMMC HQ. Thought things were good, like all the other times I've done this plot. So I go there and there is no Blue Icon.... and the Mission direction is still in Wastelands. I can't for the life of me find this guy, and there is not a single Pirate...
29-04-2016 - egosoft.com save
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L2M023 Shady Business Developer Walk through and Story Prologue

About three years ago Egosoft released X3AP 3.0. At its time, it included some of the most complex plots ever developed, and was the collaboration between Egosoft staff and some of the most talented volunteers from DevNet. I'm posting some largely unpublished or lost material from that time, largely because I get very nostalgic around this time of year due to my personal life journey. A short explanation of why I've been so quiet these past three years is glossed over at the end of my deprecated Terran Revitalization Project thread, but seeing as this is near the three year anniversary of the...
15-03-2016 - egosoft.com save
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[X3AP] CLS2 Fab Supply

Hi, I'm fairly new to this game and, after reading through Trapper Tim's guides, tried to set up a NPC fab supply system, so that with 2 ships I could supply all resources and capture all output from the fab. This is what I came up with: NPC fab has 3 resources (R1, R2 & R3) and 1 product (P1) 1 Supply freighter - cargo 3000 after shields with CLS2 + Nav Software 1 Trap freighter - cargo 12000 with CLS2 and Nav Software. Trap freighter Waypoints: Code: NPC Fab: Fly to station Sell R1, almost max price, max cargo sapce Sell R2, almost max price, max cargo sapce Sell R3, almost max price, max...
11-03-2016 - egosoft.com save
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