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X3 Tc Infiltration

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X3-TC: Greetings, and a quick question

First things first; hi. I'm a 5-year EVE player, and an absolute sucker for spaceship games. When I started EVE, I expected exactly what X3 gives me . I'd like to think I'm figuring things out quickly enough, but have one question that I'm not seeing an answer to in the various guides. I've largely flown around solo (yeah, I know), but have decided I should probably have a wingman (or 8...) in the current Terran storyline mission I'm doing. It's "The Rescue" (Infiltration subcategory?) where I have to take out the Teladi merchant ship in the "Tears of Greed" system. Well, I've accumulated a...
16-05-2013 - egosoft.com save

[TC] A little help needed

Hey everyone! Firstly i would like to say, that X3 Terran Conflict amazed me by its possibilities. i cant wait ill get my first station, big ship or smth like that so, as you already understood, im a newbie here. so, i started the agron defender plot, everything seems to be alright, but i'm kidna stuck :> so, the things i would liek you to help me out: 1) im in the mission "infiltration" (i guess), where i have to fly to sector "teers of greed" and destroy a freighter. i went there, almost shooted to ship, but i always get busted pretty fast. i fly with "Elite" ship, using 4x particle cannons...
03-01-2011 - egosoft.com save

[TC] Get Argon rep up for Terran mission

Hi all, after wanting to play X2 and X3 when they came out now I thought the release of X3TC would be perfect to finally try it. I'm now at the Terran "Infiltrate" mission. I just destroyed the space weed carrying frighters (after having scanned +- 10 other ships because I couldn't find them and now I can't dock anymore at telani stations ). But I can't continue. The mission objective currently is "Get with Argon". The woman you do the mision with says I should go blast Xenon in Black Sun (or was the name different?) system. Well I went there and waited for about 10 minutes...
31-12-2010 - egosoft.com save

[TC] Bug report.

Short : Cannot exit from old style flight model (default Ctrl + N, remapped on RMB) if any other key is held on the keyboard. Long : I loved the way the X3 fights were done, and I did not like the new way the X3TC suggests doing, so I remapped all of my controls to the old X3 style way. I had no problems overall, but lately, during many of the fights, I find it is impossible to switch out/into the classical flight style if you are holding ANY key on the keyboard, i.e. strafe, boost, keys that you usually do hold continuously when dodging enemy fire. What happens is that the mouse cursor starts...
06-08-2010 - egosoft.com save

[TC] x3 terran conflict the rescue infiltration

I cant find the passengers i am supposed to pick up here... i have a cargo life support system installed, and yet i get no means of gathering these so called passengers "Mission" The Rescue, Infiltration
23-06-2010 - egosoft.com save

[TC] Plz help with Terran cargo delivery mission

Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the X3 Universe and have had the game for a couple days and love it. I'm stuck on a mission, I noticed you guys you some sort of abbr. to denote what mission your talking about but i have know idea how to do that so I will explain it completely. I'm playing the Terran Fighter and I'm on The Rescue: Infiltration line. I need to deliver 200 teladianium to an Argon Military Outpost. First it won't let me buy any teladianium anywhere; I believe I have to raise my trade standings with the Teladi? My trade ranking says Oppurtunist. Also, I think I have to raise my...
21-11-2008 - egosoft.com save

X3 TC The Rescue: Infiltration quest stuck!

Just got x3tc doing the The Rescue: Infiltration quest, i am supposed to deliver 200 teladiam to a building... here is the problem... i am at the building but there is no delivery... and the quest is stuck... am i supposed to buy the teladiam then sell it to the millitary outpost? if so, where can i find teladiam (coming from a noob) k i am gonna go sleep now please someone be kind enough to tell me, i know this is such a nubish question but think about it, everyone gets stuck in X universe once in a while =) thanks[/quote]
18-11-2008 - egosoft.com save

Plot walk through's

Hello fellow spacers. I played x2 threat and x3 reuinion. Now just started TC and I'm having a problem with the infiltration plot where you have to kill a teladi. I'm getting battered by his support vessels and just when I attack the charactor I'm working with mentions transferring a freight scanner. Why does she wait until I've already attacked ? I've tried getting close and following him but it doesen't seem to matter. Is this an error ? Finally is there a walkthrough anywhere ? Anyway thats all thanks for any help peeps
28-04-1917 - egosoft.com save

[X3:TC] What happened to the astronauts in the rescue mission?

Well, I've been playing this game for five days now, starting as a humble merchant, I didn't notice the message about the plot missions at first so i went on and do things on my own ( of course, my total playtime is 19 days since i left my game running in SETA when i'm not playing it). I found the Omicron Lyrae sector where i'm supposed to do the plot missions a couple of days ago. No problem until now, but when i'm supposed to pick up the astronauts in the infiltration mission in Argon Sector M148, I forgot to pick up those two and just jumped to the destinated sector. Now, I can't find them...
18-06-1917 - egosoft.com save
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