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Duplicate display

1. All mails started showing x2 x3 x4 ... ... 2. i badly need something like 'confirm before delete' add-on. kindly help
15-12-2018 - mozillazine.org save

Just watched the Twitch X3:AP stream on YouTube..

..XenonSlayer and Lothari playing X3:AP: ... - bit late, I know - but most enjoyable, thanks very much to you both..
06-05-2018 - egosoft.com save

TAB crash - very unstable

I had been having problems with FF very slow to start up (x3 longer than chrome or IE) On advice tried refresh - no difference. It was suggested I upgrade to ver 55 so running 55.0.3 on W10 Noticed getting several " Tab crashed " errors and would have to restore the TAB - never seen these before. I did a clean install ......... Now loading fast enough ... but since clean install have had "Firefox has stopped working" twice and at least half a dozen " Ahh your Tab just Crashed " In fact trying to use FB is now a real pain on Firefox, as soon as you start scrolling in a minute or so I get " Ahh...
22-08-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Has anyone tried to play X3 with permadeath?

Title. Or to put it another way, have you ever tried to play a one-and-done game? As in, a death-is-final playthrough? No loading your game if you die, no re-loading if you fail a mission or boarding exercise, etc. Game over. Start a new game. Just thought it might be an interesting discussion. I don't think it's something I would have the guts to attempt but it might be neat to get something of a competition going to see who can get the furthest. Perhaps there's already a mod out there that facilitates this kind of playthrough. Obviously if you're playing strictly as a trader/merchant and...
30-04-2018 - egosoft.com save

[AP] Struggling with Nividium collection for PHQ

Okay, this is probably a really dumb situation for most but I'm getting pretty frustrated. I'm at the point in the PHQ mission where I need to collect 75 Nividum. I read in a different thread that Mosquito missiles could be used to blow up a Nividium asteroid into smaller chunks but after throwing 500 at the one in CEO's Wellspring it's still completely solid and not a single inch of its "Hull Strength" bar has dropped. So then I read Hornet missiles work, but apparently I don't own any ships that can load Hornets. I don't have a Hyperion yet and I'd rather not have to go buy one just for this...
25-04-2018 - egosoft.com save

X3 Reunion and Daddy chase mission problem.

Sometimes using the mods creates problems with the storyline missions, we all should know this. In the case of that dratted ateroid tunnel chase there is one way to insure it ends with failure as soon as it starts after the cut scene. That's starting it in any khak ship you happened to pick up at that neat shipyard at cloudbase southwest. Go into this mission in one and you won't get 2 inches before it's the scene of you getting popped and the dreaded flying The End showing up and comicly bouncing off the sides of the tunnel. Advice on ships to start with not forthcoming from me, simply a word...
16-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

Need help to create a new shipyard in X3

Hi everybody! I´m trying to make a unique shipyard for the home sector of every race. This leads to two questions! 1.) I can´t get it to run properly. No matter what I try, it still works like a causal factory. So I can´t sell or repair my ships there. So please, can someone tell me how to do that? 2.) Or maybe on the other way... I can easily copy / paste the common shipyard to have a second one in the sector. This one works fine, but I want it to have a unique name. But I failed with that, too. I can only rename every common shipyards at once, not just a single one... So how may I do that? I...
03-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

Does X3 have full controller support?

With "fully" I mean not using mouse or keyboard even once! Can I plug my computer to the TV and just play on the couch? And because I have already googled the answer before: With controller I mean neither a joystick nor HOTAs nor X9ThousandUberEnthusiastWhatsoever:
06-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

GOG Terran War Pack for 3.39€

Hello guyz, Finally after all these years and this huge hiatus from the X3 Reunion days (after a corrupted save file made me lose interest in it) I got my hands on a TC + Albion pack GOG Terran War Pack for 3.39€ ... great deal imho I'm a huge fan of steam but this game was the exception since mods can't always be played with steam (e.g. Litcube universe) hope it'll run very good with my GTX760 2GB
05-03-2018 - egosoft.com save

X3 AP - not a good start

Took tutorial and says to shoot target no weapons ? is there more of this over sight to look forward to ?
02-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

[X3 AP] Changing from UT to CLS2/CAG

Hello everyone, I have 270 ut's in my current x3ap game and I apparently reached the point were all their trades are +-1the average price of a good and therefor providing bad profits. The universe itself is doing very well with occasional zeta stations (can they get higher?) and I wanted to switch my trade in the commonwealth region to a simple trap/cls2/cag system centered in/around the hub. In this regard I have 2 questions: 1. When I've set up everything and change the buy prices to average and sell prices to below average, would my mk.3 trader cease working when I cover everything? And...
06-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

[X3 TC Vanilla] Large objects and towing

I' ve just pass Aldrin plot (towing mining ship) and i have a question: is this a possible to towing my own silicon mine from one sector to another?
24-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

Starting out in X3TC

Hi phoenix Thanks so much for your guide . I picked up X1, X2, and X3:R & TC/AP in a GOG sale the other day and today is my very first foray into the X world. I decided to jump head first into X3TC and its's very daunting but just about manageable, your guide especially helps a lot. I've followed what you've said to the letter, so I've sold the freighter and upgraded discoverer. I'm currently docked at the home of light sector but can't find the triplex scanner and also I don't see anyone around with a light bulb or currency symbol, the only guy with a light bulb is the pilot training school...
22-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3TC - Advice please on how to stop passenger missions disappearing

Greetings CMDRs... I'm currently on a break from Elite: Dangerous and decided to try to get into X3TC (again). Can you X3 gurus with 1000s hours playtime please advise... Here is the situation. 1) I fly around in an M5 to find a passenger mission I like. When I find one, I stay in sector. 2) I tell my TP to jump to the sector the mission is in, meet it en route to the station and transport across to it 3) I open Comms when in range of the mission giver 4) If the mission is still there, I ask for details & stay at the Accept/Reject dialog choice until within 5km of mission giver. I accept the...
15-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3 TC: Any way to tell which main plots I've started / completed ?

So I've just come back to X3:TC after three or four years (!), and apart from the Hub plot which I've picked up again, I can't for the life of me remember which of the other plots I've started/finished. I'm pretty sure I've completed the Terran Plot, and have definitely done Operation Final Fury (although I don't appear to have a Griffon in my inventory........), and just finished the Treasure Hunt plot, but other than that I can't remember what I might have completed (I'm assuming if I'd started any and left them they'd still be in my Active Missions list). So, is there any way of checking...
15-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

A remastered version !

As the 10 year anniversary is coming to X3TC next year, I wish Egosoft release a remastered version of TC and AP. As both games use a very old game engine (decades old if Im correct), it would be great if they can update/change the game engine. It will definitely fix issues related to processing (FPS drop, etc) as the game progress. I dont mind buying this old gem of a game again, because I have never seen anything like this! X3 is the best...
06-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

New to X Universe wants to find some lore

Hi everyone. I just want to introduce myself as a newcomer to this Universe. I bought last Thursday a second-hand retail copy of X3: Reunion (Collector's Edition). The box-art completely got me... And guess what? Whoever owned this game before never registered his game, so I'm having the honor to join this community instead. I'm greatly pleased to know there's a great community of lovers of this game. Lots of mods and scripts and a VAST universe to explore. So I wanted to know where to begin with all this stuff , especially when this isn't an easy game and there are many factors to deal with.
03-05-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion

I have overtuning Hyperion (after Poisoned Paranid, speed >220) and i have a question: what about speed of Hyperion after RE in PHQ? >220 or 169,3 (native)?
04-05-2017 - egosoft.com save
Queries related : poisoned paranid in x3 - hyperion

Three questions: race rank stagnation, isolating ships, mobile mining in AP

State of my game: PHQ/Xenon Hub plot completed, PHQ set up in Weaver's Tempest; 200m in the bank; Ariadne jumping around with fleet of Kestrels to scan asteroids and search for derelict ships; fleet of 10 Logisticians in tricked-out Hayabusas running various networks (examples: Nostrop Oil from refineries in Teladi NW to weapon facts in Teladi NE, Sunrise Flowers from farms in Teladi NE to aforementioned refineries, Ore to weapon facts in Split N, crystal from my crystal plexes to the many weapon facts that need it, etc.). Firstly, my rank doesn't seem to be increasing by even one percentage...
14-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

Pilot cloning / jump clones?

Hi all I used to play Eve Online casually, and loved the whole universe of Eve. The only reason I stopped playing was that I tended to interact very little with other players, so the online component was wasted on me and it wasn't worth paying the subscription. I have just bought X3 Terran Conflict on Steam and am just trying to get into it. So far I like it and it does evoke an Eve-like atmosphere. However, my autopilot glitched while docking and made me crash, and to my surprise I got a game over screen. One of the things I like about Eve is that there is no 'game over' scenario. You create...
04-03-2017 - egosoft.com save
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