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[X3TC] Docking denied in Gaian Star pirate base

Hi there, I've been doing the Goner plot and am on the final mission. I've got all the goods, Spaceweed and SQUASH mines in my Teladi Shrike. I'm trying to dock at the Pirate Base in Gaian Star to transfer the goods. When I comm the base manager, he accepts and says that I should dock -- then the station turns blue, as if it's friendly. But I still can't dock. When I try to use autopilot to dock, I get the "Docking denied" message. And I can't see the physical place on the dock, or any guide path, so I can't dock manually. Has anyone seen this before? I would guess that my rank with Pirates is...
08-10-2017 - egosoft.com save
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Three questions: race rank stagnation, isolating ships, mobile mining in AP

State of my game: PHQ/Xenon Hub plot completed, PHQ set up in Weaver's Tempest; 200m in the bank; Ariadne jumping around with fleet of Kestrels to scan asteroids and search for derelict ships; fleet of 10 Logisticians in tricked-out Hayabusas running various networks (examples: Nostrop Oil from refineries in Teladi NW to weapon facts in Teladi NE, Sunrise Flowers from farms in Teladi NE to aforementioned refineries, Ore to weapon facts in Split N, crystal from my crystal plexes to the many weapon facts that need it, etc.). Firstly, my rank doesn't seem to be increasing by even one percentage...
14-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

One company to trade it all

After years of playing i recently discovered Tims Guide to CLS and was instantly convinced that i have to install the Bonus Pack. Trying it out and monopolizing the energy trade in all of Argon space, i was thinking about complete domination with maximized profits (and i mean COMPLETE, every ware has to go through my hands). So my thoughts and the conclusions i read are: To beat any NPC trader, my profit is either buying at minimum and selling at average or buying at average and selling at maximum, depending if the ware is abundant or scarce. The primary consumer (Equipment Docks, Trading...
13-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

TD class ships?

While I was browsing the Web Archive of Old Argonopedia, I found two TD class ships: ... - Boron Cuttlefish ... - Argon Lander. As I understand, these are ships that were used in the X2 cutscenes. So, it means, they are actually in the game, am I right? Where are their names and descriptions taken from? Where the very "TD" designation comes from? I cannot find them in the game files. Are models of Paranid, Split and Teladi TDs anywhere in the X2 files? Alan Phipps wrote: Aren't they the Planetary Landing Ships whose in-game function was considered but never implemented in X2? As the ship...
04-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

Poisoned Paranid Start

I enjoyed playing pirate this time with the Poisoned Paranid Start. It took three tries but I finally made it to Bad Debt from Preacher's Refuge. Bad Debt and Ministry give more opportunities for trade and an easier time to upgrade in Teladi space. Ministry of Finance provides many chances to buy and sell Energy, Ore and sometimes Silicon. Sometimes I'm offered a used M4 for sale when I get to a higher Teladi rep. This time I earned enough to buy a Kestral in Ministry and began my pirate career with this one, with a PAC and an IRE in front. The PP start makes target ID easy: the Paranid are...
03-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

X3AP - Tormented Teladi start won't appear

I have achieved the rank of petty financier, saved, and exited client. Upon relaunching and starting new game Tormented Teladi start isn't listed. What gives?[/list]
21-05-2016 - egosoft.com save
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X3AP HQ Sub Plot

So..... I've went through the plot just fine up until the last mission to wipe out the Pirates in Wasteland. What I've encountered is that I've wiped the Pirate base out and blew it to space dust with my Split M8. I mean it is gone now. Along with all the Pirates that were flying around. Then I got the message from the Teladi to meet him back at NMMC HQ. Thought things were good, like all the other times I've done this plot. So I go there and there is no Blue Icon.... and the Mission direction is still in Wastelands. I can't for the life of me find this guy, and there is not a single Pirate...
29-04-2016 - egosoft.com save
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X£ AP - Terran Commander

After starting with X-BTF then X-Tension, X2 and X3, Stopped playing X-Series when Rebirth only allowed us one ship - but dusted the AP dvd's off the other day and started Terran Commander. A. Started with a few taxi jobs and then picked up quite a few missiles in War sectors between Asteroid belt and Omicron. Then - braved Omicron in the Katana to get to PTNI. B. Once in PTNI - 2 kestrels with full engine tuning started mapping the verse (one to Aldrin the other through Split, Teladi, Boron and Paranid) whilst several Valkyries went to save important stations from "God" both in Aldrin and...
22-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

General Tip on fast cargo transfer..

Well..this may sound like ridiculous, but when it comes to fast cargo transfer (biet fleet or single capital vessel) I say there's nothing wrong with the following.. 1) go into options menu, switch of auto save.. 2) Get into ur Boron Dolphin /w docking computer and teleporter.. 3) make sure that the ship(s) nthat need cargo are within 5 km of the Hub that holds the cargo.. 4) Dock Dolphin (14+K cargo) with hub, load the cargo.. 5) Undock, and then target the vessel needing the cargo.. 6) Use freight transfer for dumping the cargo onto target ship.. 7) Re-dock with hub using docking computer...
04-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

XP AP Starts without Regedit?

Good afternoon everyone. I heard XR is getting in a really great place, which put me in an X mood, but I realized I haven't done the X3AP storylines yet. Which leads me to the obvious questions -- what starts. The single Terran start is the only way to do the Terran plot, everything else can do the Argon plots, then there's the 3 expansion plots that everyone can run. But there's almost no information out there on X3 AP starts. Almost everything redirects you to X3 TC starts -- which makes sense due to the game having the same starts... ... Except the unlock conditions don't always exist now,...
21-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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Shady Business Plot

I have just started playing Albion prelude again after a break of a couple of years and am quite enjoying it. However I have got stuck in the Shady business mission plot, I have to find a Teladi research and development equipment dock. I have looked all over but can't find it. Can you give me a clue where it is? Thanks,
11-10-2015 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Help with Dragonfly complex CAG seller setup

So I've just set up a Dragonfly complex in Queen's Retribution and my CAG Mistral SF is buying energy fine, however I'm having issues with my seller CAG Mako and I'm hoping you guys can help! The Equipment dock doesn't stock the missiles which from what I've read is exactly what you want, and the CAG rank is Major Dealer. It has Ware List type set to Trade List with Dragonfly Missiles being the only option. Trade duties it is set to salesmen and I've not touched anything else (no Jumpdrive naturally since it's all in sector) Are there any settings I've missed that is causing him to just stay...
04-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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Questions about ship building?

Hi, Me again, sorry. Playing AP 3.1 humble merchant start. Just got the teladi PHQ and am ready to start building some ships. But I have a few questions I can't find the answers to using search ( I tried I promise ) Do you need to repair ships to 100% hull before reverse engineering them? I capped the Aran but nearly bankrupted myself trying to fix the hull - it is currently at 50%. Will this be ok or will it produce one with half a hull? Is it possible to build a Kyoto if I cap and RE it? Or will I run out of space for the needed resources? I'd hate to destroy one if there is no upside. I...
17-05-2015 - egosoft.com save

Bi- Race Game

I'm planing on using two races ships +pirate/Yaki exclusively i will not be using Argon or Terran (or OTAS/ATF) and will be using Teladi. what is the best race to compensate for the somewhat glaring weakness of Teladi ships? i am using a modified game with the Marauder shipyard and the Invicta TS
28-03-2015 - egosoft.com save

Need help - Ordering ships to collect ware and sell according to best price.

I cant figure out how to order my ships - i call them drones - to pick up a set amount of available good from my complex, then sell it according to best sell locator in distance of more than 1 / 2 sectors. :L please help. Im having a hard time getting customers to buy anything in my complex unless i set goods to be dirt cheap or i buy at very high price. So far building stations had proved to be a massive credit loss. And the economy - according to Teladi stock exchange seems to be doing TERRIBLY with supply always being low and demand always being high. Every good in stock exchange amount to...
10-03-2015 - egosoft.com save

Strange happenings in Aladna Hill. (X3TC)

Yesterday decided to cap the Otas Boreas in Aladna Hill. Normal routine, shields held down with 'Flails' from my Cobra while 10 top end marines do their work. An Argon Border control Nova turned red but refused to be pacified after apology for fire. The message "The ship is ours" comes from marines but the Boreas is firing at me! The sector list shows the Boreas blue with no owner, the Otas title having disappeared. It attacks and destroys the Argon Nova and continues to chase me. The pilot is shown as 'Unknown object' and my marines have disappeared. Can't destroy it in the Cobra as missiles...
08-03-2015 - egosoft.com save

X3TC Marine Exploit

After buying lots of numpty marines in the marine fabs and military bases to have them crew ships for the breakers or in ship delivery missions, I found another way to recruit marines. Some might call this an exploit, but you'll have to pay 50M for the privilege, so I guess you're entitled to the benefits afterwards. Roleplaying-wise you have become a mercenary broker. The initial price you pay at mercenary fabs or outposts is just the broker's fee, which you keep in your own pocket now. Your account still is bled dry by the training expenses at the neighboring military outpost, all you save...
08-10-2014 - egosoft.com save
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X3TC: Teladi Race Rank Dropping Like a Brick

Not long ago my rank with the Teladi Company was Company Director - 17%. Now, and I don't know why, it's sitting at 2% and when I load my most recent save a couple of minutes later I get demoted to Venture Capitalist. (I keep reloading older saves to try to figure out what's going on but no luck.) There was a point a little bit earlier when pirates were attacking my ships & stations in Barren Shores, so I sent my Griffon to take care of them. I did notice, however, that a group of Teladi ships were heading through the sector and they were also red for some reason. I had to order my Griffon to...
24-05-2014 - egosoft.com save
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Largest space weed complex without saturating the market?

I want to put a HUGE space weed complex in the separate teladi areas but i'm not sure how big of one would saturate the market and slow sales down. just FYI, by "separate teladi areas", i mean each area that is covered by a specific stock exchange. if i build one with 49 space weed factories, will it cause sales to slow down to a crawl? on the same note, if i build one with 99 space weed factories, will it cause the market to become saturated?
22-05-2014 - egosoft.com save

X3AP- OOS Sector defense tips?

Hey guys, been a while. I need some tips from the long term players on sector defense. What would be a good for OOS defense? Something that strikes a nice balance between power and feasibility. A terran M2 is a nice thought but I don't nearly have the resources for it, but I am expecting quite heavy insurgency. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Teladi Pheonix. I'm going to be out of the sector that most of the operations take place so speed isn't of critical importance. Any suggestions?
16-03-2014 - egosoft.com save
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