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Split post from a solved thread

Can you still read old mail? Can you refresh your list of potential folders to subscribe? ... seems to describe the settings you need. Your posts stated your are using the following for your web.de IMAP account: INCOMING: account1, , (imap) imap.web.de:993, SSL, passwordCleartext OUTGOING: , smtp.web.de:587, alwaysSTARTTLS, passwordCleartext, true" I am surprised by "passwordClearText". I'm used to seeing either "Normal password" or "OAuth2" (gmail, yahoo etc.). I've never seen alwaysSTARTTLS. I'm used to seeing STARTTLS or SSL/TLS. Please explain. I created a IMAP account in Thunderbird 60.3...
26-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

TB Suddenly Stopped Working On 2 Separate Computers

On two separate systems, TB has suddenly stopped working. The last time it worked was two days ago. No changes were made to either system since then. I am using TB version 52.9 on a Windows 10 Home Edition system since last Spring. The error message is: "Unable to establish TLS connection to POP3 server. The server may be down or may be incorrectly configured..." Here is how the systems are set up: Under Account Settings > Server Settings: Server Type: POP3 Server Name: mail.bresnan.net Port: 110 User Name: (my name) Connection security: STARTTLS Authentication method: Normal Password Under...
06-09-2018 - mozillazine.org save

Slight but persistent delay in sending emails

My email is now hosted by Microsoft's Office 365 Exchange server. When I tried to configure TB for either Exchange or IMAP, messages would disappear from the server as soon as I moved them from the inbox on one of my devices -- and thus they were unavailable to be read or stored in my other computers. Microsoft was unable to help with this, saying the problem was with TB. I then configured it for POP (and specified in the settings that mail should not be deleted from the server for a week), and things worked fine. ... with one minor annoying exception: Every time I send an email (from a...
10-08-2018 - mozillazine.org save

Programatically Replicating TB sending encrypted email

Hi: Have program module I am working on to send encrypted emails from website to office. TB log shows typical exchange: ...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP Connecting to: cp15.lowesthosting.com ...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP Response: 220-cp15m2.lowesthosting.com ESMTP Exim 4.89_1 #1 Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:24:...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP Response: 220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited, ...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP Response: 220 and/or bulk e-mail. ...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP Send: EHLO [] ...:24:... UTC - 7888[912140]: SMTP...
28-03-2018 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird Suddenly Not Getting AOL Mail

Tried several resources and actions to cure this problem.....restarted and rebooted (duh!); cleared cache and history, restarted; even went through and cleaned out all folders on the aol.com inbox; changed connection security to STARTTLS (port 143 w/authentication method as Normal password) SSL/TLS (port 993 w/authentication method: normal password); changed username to username only (no aol.com at the end). I really miss getting my emails all in one place and would like to have it work again. I've checked with AOL whos are hopelessly lost and have given up responding to me - I supposed they...
27-03-2018 - mozillazine.org save

Time-Out or Authentication Error... :(

Monday April 2 2018, 1:41 PM Hi all, I have several e-mail accounts on the newest version of TB, and all these accounts work fine. I am using Cox Cable as my ISP. I use POP on port 995 for incoming and 465 for SMTP outgoing. Cox requires that the "User Name" I enter for the SMTP outgoing server be the name of the person registered as the cox subscriber, so I use that. Here is the problem: I run a web site and the host, lowesthosting.com, provides the means to have an e-mail link on the web site for use by visitors. I set that up, but finally, after a long time, (shame on me), I found it was...
09-03-2018 - mozillazine.org save

TB Returning STARTTLS When Connecting to Mail Server

I've been using Thunderbird since March 2017 and the last time was November 10. Today (November 11) I opened TB and everytime I try to send a message I receive the following message: "Sending of the message failed. "An error occurred while sending mail: Unable to establish a secure link with Outgoing server (SMTP) mail.bresnan.net using STARTTLS since it doesn't advertise that feature. Switch off STARTTLS for that server or contact your service provider." This has been happening all day. I changed my server settings from STARTTLS to SSL/TLS but still received the error message. This occurs on...
24-10-2017 - mozillazine.org save

What is better (if I have the choice): SSL-TLS or STARTTLS?

Assume my mail provider (e.g. GMail) offers both SMTPS variants: SSL-TLS and STARTTLS Which protocol should I prefer (in other words: Which protocol is faster and more reliable)? ...and in addition to the question above: Which authentication method should I use for STARTTLS: "Normal password" or OAuth2? Thomas
17-10-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird IMAP client send 2 commands in sequence

Hello, My Thunderbird client connect to my IMAP local server. When the connect is finished, the client send the follows commands: C: 1 CAPABILITY C: 2 LOGOUT But, the client don't wait the response for first command and finish the connection with LOGOUT. My SMTP client is GMAIL. Another thing reaction is the SMTP no request any password. I suppose that, the sequence expected is the follow: S: "* OK IMAP4rev1 Service Ready\r\n" C: "1 CAPABILITY\r\n" S: "* CAPABILITY IMAP4REV1 STARTTLS IDLE BINARY UNSELECT SCAN SORT\r\n" S: "1 OK CAPABILITY completed\r\n" C: ....... Thanks in advance
04-09-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Sending of message failed. Pls verify your mail account sett

Hi, All of a sudden, I'm getting this error when trying to send email. I've been using Thunderbird for more than 8 years for multiple email accounts, gmail, hotmail.com and my own smtp server. I'm unable to send emails using any of these accounts ( whether gmail or hotmail or 3rd party smtp server ) even though I've not changed any settings. I'm still able to download emails though. Code: Select all Sending of message failed. Please verify that your Mail & Newsgroups account settings are correct and try again. What I've tried without success:- 1). Changed smtp.gmail.com from port 465 (SSL/TLS)...
25-06-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Unable to configure Comcast (IMAP)-invalid username/password

Similar to the poster from 5/16/17 about issues setting up a Gmail account, I'm getting the same error when setting up a Comcast account. I verified that the username (email address) and password are 100% correct. I can log into my comcast email account using a browser or a phone just fine but not through TB. I'm currently on TB ver 52.1.1 (32-bit) on a Win 7 machine. I'd post a screenshot but I don't have permission to do so yet. It looks similar to the image in the “Unable to configure Gmail (IMAP)- invalid username/password “ post from 5/16/17 except for the email address and the outgoing...
16-05-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird can't connect, but Outlook and WIN10 Mail can?

This has me puzzled.. I'm staying at a hotel and Thunderbird seems to be unable to connect to my Zimbra server, yet Outlook 2016 and Windows 10 Mail seem to work just fine with identical settings. I've tried using IMAP on both 143 and 993, with and without encryption (STARTTLS and SSL) with no luck. It doesn't appear that the hotel is blocking either port, but might be using some packet inspection software. At the office, Thunderbird continues to work fine, so it doesn't appear to be an issue with the configuration. At any rate, has anyone encountered this before? Thunderbird Version: 52.0.1...
17-04-2017 - mozillazine.org save

Office365 Doesn't work

Hello, After creating a new account, typing in the user e-mail address and password Thunderbird goes away and detects the Office365 IMAP settings. However when I click on the "Done" button it says "Checking password" waits for ages then says: "Configuration could not be verified - is the user name or password wrong?" After realising for some reason Thunderbird did not correctly retrieve the Office365 settings I clicked on "Manual Config" and from Microsofts web site ( ... ... 7113525f6c ) typed in this: Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server: outlook.office365.com Port: 993 (also tried 143) STARTTLS...
04-04-2017 - mozillazine.org save

TB 52 smtp fail to office.outlook365.com

Suddenly, yesterday, TB won't send emails. Receive OK. Trying to send mail results in a forever progress bar until I hit the 'X' Checked smtp settings: smtp.office365.com Port 587 STARTTLS Normal Password. Spent over an hour on the phone to BT. Refused to accept any fault at their end. Do not support Firefox or Thunderbird. Muppets. Suggestions?
23-03-2017 - mozillazine.org save
Queries related : thunderbird smtp password

Making the copy to sent folder for a long time

Hello people, sorry my english: I throw this question since I have tried all what I have found by the giant Google and I can not find the solution. We have changed servers and therefore we have migrated all company mail to the new server. Everything works fine except that every time you send an email, carry or do not carry an attachment takes too long "making the copy to the folder sent" when before the "chaos" of the migration made it instantaneous. We used MozillaThunderbird, in case anyone had any doubts. What have I tried? - I have tried to disable the signature of the accounts in case it...
28-12-2016 - mozillazine.org save

Suddenly cannot receive mails on laptop, still can on PC

We have a Win7 32 PC and a Win10 64 laptop on the same home network, each with Thunderbird 45.5.1 accessing a different email address at the same ISP (Deutsche Telekom) via securepop.t-online.de on Port 995 SSL/TLS and securesmtp.t-online.de on Port 587 STARTTLS. - Tbird has been working routinely in the past on both PC and laptop, including after updating to Tbird 45.0 in June 2016. - Suddenly, apparently coincident with updating to Tbird 45.5.1 on Dec 21, the laptop would not download incoming mails but continues to be able to send mails OK, while Tbird on the PC continues to receive & send...
10-12-2016 - mozillazine.org save
Queries related : thunderbird password

Outlook not working with Thunderbird?

Up until yesterday, my Hotmail IMAP account was working through Thunderbird. But as of today, that just stopped working! Here are my settings: IMAP server: imap-mail.outlook.com port: 993 Security settings: SSL/TLS outgoing server: smtp-mail.outlook.com port: 587 Security: STARTTLS Username and password are exactly the same as they were before. The strange thing is that I can get into the account through the web interface, just not through IMAP. Oh, and another thing, I just remembered, I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was using a VPN yesterday on my computer, and my...
19-11-2016 - mozillazine.org save

Adding emails (ports and secure connection)

Hi, Two questions. I was looking for information on why my email from my service provider only uses port 587 which only works with STARTTLS -not very secure connection. I phoned them and was told I cannot use SSL/TLS connection because they do not support Thunderbird. They've stated, 'If your email software is not listed, you can attempt to set it up yourself using the support options offered by your software manufacturer' What is Thunderbird's option / alternative, please? The other question is, both my Yahoo! and Gmail emails uses port 465 with SSL/TLS for the outgoing, is that okay and if I...
06-11-2016 - mozillazine.org save

SMTP error

Hello, I am using Thunderbird 45 on both my Desktop (windows 10) and my wife's laptop (windows 8), which are both connected to the same router. On the laptop, she has recently gotten a message saying that "the outgoing server (SMTP) does not seem to support encrypted passwords. If you just set up the account, try changing the Authentication method in " Account Settings|Outgoing Server to "Normal Password"". We have both been using Thunderbird for years so this is not a new installation. I checked her server settings and the connection security was set to STARTTLS and the authentication method...
02-11-2016 - mozillazine.org save

StartTLS security model (SMTP/POP3)

When doing StartTLS with mail servers, what is the security model applied by Thunderbird ? In case negociation fails, does it "fail open" (i.e., falls back to using no encryption as a "best effort" - which would be misguided), or does it cancel the exchange and report an error ? Or can the behaviour on fail (or on algorithm downgrade) and the list of acceptable crypto-algorithms themselves be adjusted as TB "preferences" ?
29-09-2016 - mozillazine.org save
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