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No more "another instance" of Firefox...workaround

Hope I'm not breaking any FF rules, but I feel it necessary to repost and observation of mine that has not gotten a response as to its validity. I had started a topic in which I described how email links were opening in "new instances" of FF ( viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3050560 ), instead of just opening in an already opened FF. And, on my last post I wrote what I thought was workaround to prevent another (and unwanted) window of FF opening when clicking on an email link. Here is that post that has not been responded to: "Normally, when booting up in the morning, I use a macro to open FF and TB....
10-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Detecting incoming mail with WebExtensions

I'm currently working on a basic extension that implements the WebExtensions API live in the current beta build, and I'm having some difficulty implementing code to detect/filter incoming messages. The older Thunderbird extension docs provide some illumination on this ( ... ), but the link to the previous step is dead and some of the code doesn't seem supported in the current build. Any ideas as to how to detect incoming mail/where I could potentially find resources for this? I'm new to Thunderbird development, so I though this forum might be a good place to start! Any help is appreciated.
10-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

The first official 20190614 builds are out

Previous Nightly Builds thread ... The first official ... NIGHTLY builds are out The official Firefox 68 Beta 10 builds are out Previous NIGHTLY: ... (Fx 69.0a1) Previous BETA: ... (Fx 68.0b9) Mozilla Inbound Builds Treeherder Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA Fixed : NIGHTLY +54 #1520010 #1558364 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-Poor performance of TrackBuffersManager::CodedFrameProcessing() due to mInputBuffer.RemoveElement(0,N) on Twitch [Uns][] #1555825 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-[webvtt] enable wpt 'track-cue-empty.html'. [Uns][] #1555197 [Core:Audio/Video:...
12-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Increase email suggestions in "TO:" field from 6 to 10?

When I start typing some email patterns into the "TO:" entry field of the "compose" window for new message then Thunderbird shows me some auto-complete suggestions (from my address book) for the email address matching the pattern so far. As I found out the maximum number here is 6 suggestions. Since I have stored dozends of emails for some clubs, locations and companies I do nee see some (most) of them. How can I increase the number of suggestions from 6 to lets say 10? Thank you Peter
07-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Send Email in Thunderbird. Thunderbird Sent box doesn' store

As the title says, I send emails from an email account in Thunderbird and it doesn't appear in my Sent folder in Thunderbird. This started happening 2 days ago. The email does appear in my sent folder on my primary email location. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
08-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Get cannot send email popup - nothing to send

This has started happening the last few months. Whenever Thunderbird starts, after about 3 minutes I get a "sending message failed" popup, However there is no message to send - all the messages I have sent have been delivered ok, and I am receiving messages ok. I can't find any unsent messages. It is not a show stopper, just annoying.
03-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

FF history time stamp

FF 67.0.1x64 Win7x64 Where is the time stamp in history generated from, on certain events. Most FF history is correct in the time it displays in the history. But I have started to notice wrong time for items searched on google, and then visited. This I would attribute to google, but then when I go to the actual website searched for, I'm not on google anymore but FF, and the history is still wrong for the time shown that I visited the site. Example--this morning I searched on google for a plumber in our area, found his name and site, left google, and went to his site, with FF, and did some...
05-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird becomes unresponsive 60.7.0 64 bit

This is an existing installtion on Ubuntu 18.04. It stopped responding once before. I created new profile and starting using that. When I tried copying filters from old profile to new profile it starting hanging again. I deleted the filter file and it was fine again. So I just have been carefully recreating the filters. Now it is unresponsive after some time, which varies. I would like to look at logs to see if anything sticks out, but I don't know what log file to look at.
05-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Unable to access some pages and items with Firefox

Been having strange things happening the last few days with Firefox 67.0.1. Started with not being able to load my online banking account pages while I could with Edge. Have issues not being able to access my Hotmail email account, keeps telling me to open a free account, but works fine in Edge.
03-06-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Do I have to restart FF from time to time or this is a bug

Not sure who is responsible(FF or the video drivers)but I may be wrong but I think I started seeing this from time to time after I switch to FF57 and I still get this problem. If FF is running for long time without restarting(I only close it when I need to restart the laptop and FF is usually started at least week ago) The problem is,some pages are don't rendered properly until I scroll or move the mouse over that not rendered part It happens sometimes here too
31-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Following a link on a page and going back returns to top

When following a link on a page and returning will bring you back to the top of the page you started from. This was not the case in previous versions of FF. Secondly the refresh of a page results in making the page blur and then present the data. What is the use of this. Please revert to previous behaviour. It is annoying.
31-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Sync does not work after crash

Firefox crashed after update down load. downloaded FF again and sync worked (recovered bookmarks, history, last session...) crash again and this time unable to get sync to work (it will start in a moment... but never worked) Any hope to recover data? How? Thanks
29-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Found cause of frequent crashes . . .

Running latest FF and W10. FF started crashing a few weeks ago and got to the point of doing it every hour or so. Pretty annoying. I diagnosed it by going backwards: Disabling one extension at a time. Of course, it came down to the last one, my most valuable one, "ReloadMatic" -- the tab auto-refresher. I've tried several other refresh extensions but none of them have the options that "ReloadMatic" had, and a few of them didn't even work at all. I'm now running "Tab Auto Refresh" and it seems to be okay, although it doesn't have any real options. I'd like to go back to ReloadMatic at some...
29-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Content/Preview pane above List pane layout?

Hi, Just started using Thunderbird and it's great in many ways. However a very small silly thing is bothering me quite a lot and I was wondering if someone could help me here. I would prefer to have the pane with the content of the emails on top of the one with the list of emails. Basically the same as the "classic layout" but swapping around the list and content panes. Can that be done? Is there any addon that can help with it? Thanks!
26-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Transition question

Hi all I have a question regarding transitions, now as I'm sure most are aware you can't transition from display:block to display:none because they are essentially binary options and are either on or off, and therefore there are no intermediate steps that can be animated. That being the case why then can I transition visibility which like display:block, display:none is a binary options with no intermediate steps that can be animated. Now I know that strictly speaking when you transition visibility you are not really transitioning visibility, what you are actually doing is combining visibility...
25-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Firefox Quantum 67.0.1 crashed; had to reinstall

Here's the story, from the get-go: I started having issues with keeping new tabs at midnight local time last night; then found them in History, where they weren't connecting. At that time, I found out that the local cable company was performing "regularly scheduled maintenance" in areas of my city - as usual, they sprung it on us without notice. I had done my e-mail, etc., and resigned to catching up on my daily online articles today, which is what the new tabs were about. I left the computer on overnight, hoping the tabs would (re)load by the morning, when the cable maintenance was finished....
22-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

How it solved

Fix "The bookmarks and history system will not be functional" error message (Redirected from The bookmarks and history system will not be functional) Do you see this error message when you start Firefox? The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of Firefox's files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. This error happens when a database file that stores bookmarks and browsing history (places.sqlite) and related site icons (favicons.sqlite) can’t be accessed by Firefox. This article covers possible solutions. If you don't see...
24-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Would love a setting to limit Firefox memory use

Mostly running on Windows (some Linux, some FreeBSD but problem is mostly on Windows). Current release -- Firefox 67. What would seem to be ideal is some setting that caps the amount of RAM Firefox can claim. I know all the ways to reduce high memory use when it occurs, but in the middle of a workday, what I often experience are situations where I end up going back and forth between web searches and work. That often leads to a lot of open tabs that I want to bookmark later. Firefox does its thing and uses almost all available RAM and all is fine if I'm just using Firefox. The problem comes...
19-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

'choose user profile' popup won't go away

After a firefox update a few weeks ago I started seeing the "choose user profile" popup everytime I launch the browser. It has nothing to do with the browser's process not being terminated, as it occurs even after a system restart. "use the selected profile without asking at startup" is checked and my profiles.ini looks like this: Code: Select all [Install***] Default=D:\Firefox profile\****.default Locked=1 [Profile0] Name=default IsRelative=0 Path=D:\Firefox profile\****.default\ Default=1 [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Version=2 I noticed that if I delete the [Install*] section, next...
14-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird dropped the Sent folder when I changed it

Hello, I had Sent folder in Cyrillic. I need to changed it to default "Sent mails" folder of GMail. After that Thunderbird dropped the Cyrillic sent folder even on the IMAP server (GMail), but hadn't moved the e-mails from this folder to new one ("Sent emails" folder). So, I lost about 1 Gigs of e-mails. When I start Thunderbird it always ask to purge the mailbase to save about 1 Gig of disk space. I try to "Recover folder" in the INBOX several times but it hasn't finished yet. I don't understand what to do to recover sent emails. Thank you.
14-05-2019 - mozillazine.org save
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