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Dellays when delecting messages

There's several seconds delay when deleting a message, using either a mouse-click or the DELete key. When marking several messages at once for deletion it hangs up and I need to terminate the program and start over. I'm using Thunderbird 6.5.0 under Windows 10 64-bit.
09-02-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Get All New Messages - in a Single Click - any version of TB

I'm using the latest, TB 60.5.0 I see that Add-ons for "Get All New Messages" as a button become outdated: Toolbar Buttons :: Add-ons for Thunderbird . . . ... ... src=search I see that the keyboard for it is Shift+F5 File / Get New Messages for / All Accounts . . . Shift+F5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What have I learned recently? NirCmd could do this, quite easily! And many other commands. How? You may ask . . . NirCmd Help File . . . ... It's recommended to copy the executable of NirCmd (nircmd.exe) to your windows directory, or...
03-02-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Profile manager not renaming profiles

Maybe I've forgotten and I looked at some of the docs about this and could not find the answer. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken I thought that ... 1. You close Firefox 2. You start the profile manager and it lists your profiles 3. You rename those profiles to a new name 4. The manager not only renames those profiles within it's control files but also renames those profiles on disk (you know, the profile names in the File Explorer. As part of my moving to Quantum ESR I kept my old profiles and the new ones were named NEW MAIN and NEW MISC. Now that everything is good I decided to delete my old...
05-02-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Messages in list indicate 'unread' after I've just read them

I have an IMAP account, with a Verizon.net address and server = imap.aol.com. I have the Message Pane off in View, and therefore open an email by either hitting Enter or clicking on it. Very often, some time after I've read the email and closed it and came back to the list, I notice that the email item I just read is back in bold, indicate that it's unread. Any thoughts about why this might be happening? It doesn't happen all the time and this only started happening in the last few months. Maybe when the server is next polled to get mail, it re-reads it from the server and thinks it's new and...
02-02-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Videos: start playing not before one opens their page?

I have exchanged the newest ESR Firefox with the newest nomral Firefox. Now, when I open different youtube videos by clicking them on one page they start to play in another page instead of not starting to play like it was in ESR. They started playing when one clicked the tab to show the videos. How could I make the normal Firefox doing it like that?
27-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

The first official 20190216 builds are out

Previous Nightly Builds thread ... The first official ... NIGHTLY builds are out . The Official Firefox 66 Beta 9 builds are not yet out Previous NIGHTLY: ... (Fx 67.0a1) Previous BETA: ... (Fx 66.0b8) Mozilla Inbound Builds Treeherder Release Notes: NIGHTLY | BETA Changelogs: NIGHTLY | BETA Fixed : NIGHTLY +70 #1459182 #1516691 #1525509 #1526044 #1528057 #1528199 #1528304 #1500596 [Core:Audio/Video: Playback]-implement first audio decoder (vorbis) in RDD [Uns][] #1494034 [Core:CSS Parsing and Computation]-Add support for CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature [All][] #1526294 [Core:CSS...
29-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Greyed out folders (Linux)

Hi, I use pobox.com as my email provider for my domain. ( Pobox is now owned by Fastmail ) I am noticing that I am having alot of greyed out folders with tmp_ in the names . As shown here: ... I am trying to figure out why this is happening and how do I fix this to where I can dump Evolution and go back to Thunderbird? I emailed my provider and this is what they sent me back? On Wed, ... at 14:15 -0500, Pobox Support wrote: hidden email history > Log In | Help > Hi Chris, Thanks for reaching out to Pobox support! It seems this > is a common issue with the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. I...
21-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Selecting recipient adds a new To: line

When I start typing in the first To: line in the Compose window, I get a pop-up selection list of suggested recipients from my address book. If I click on one of these recipients, the recipient is inserted into the To: line and Thunderbird automatically adds a second blank To: line. In older versions of Thunderbird (45.8.0 and earlier), the recipient is inserted into the first To: line and the second blank To: line is not created. If I want another To: line, I can press Enter to get it. I rarely compose emails with multiple recipients and I would like to run with the mail.compose.addresswidget...
18-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird hanging while downloading messages

Over a year ago I posted about a problem I was having, where each new message downloaded from my IMAP server caused TB to hang up solid. Initially it was about 3-5 seconds per message, and it worked up to about 8-10 seconds. For EVERY new message. If 5-10 messages came in, it would lock up for several MINUTES. ... As you might imagine, this was annoying. We never found a cause or a solution. I tried wiping and re-installing TB, etc, with no improvement. Eventually (December 2018) I got a new laptop, and that finally fixed it. A fresh TB install on a brand-new system worked fine. But... 2...
23-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Auto zooms up and down pages

Starting a while back Firefox began zooming up and down pages. It's a little difficult to describe but when I move the cursor to click on an item on the page, if the cursor is above the target will zoom go quickly to the bottom of the page. If below it will zoom to the top. VERY annoying. How do I stop this behavior?
18-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Udemy video course material will not play. (Windows)

Udemy courses that worked correctly in whatever version of SeaMonkey I was using 8 (or so) months ago now fail to play. Each lesson of a course begins with a 5-7 second video prelude specific to that course. This runs correctly, but when the actual course content begins the screen goes black, the Status line is "waiting for page-events-ustats.udemy.com". Debug actions include: Clear cache Disable AV Start SeaMonkey with default profile Start SeaMonkey in Safe mode Change useragent to Firefox with User Agent Switcher Change useragent to Firefox through general.useragent.override.udemy.com in...
21-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Spell Check Errors

Hi all, For some reason my Spell check has gone haywire recently. Today, I wrote; "It's a very good place to start. Review every six months." The image shows that it - erroneously - picks up 'It's' , 'every' & 'months' , which are all correct. I can't do a screenprint of its offers, as when I click the alt button, the menu goes off. eg; it wants every as " very s " & months as " month s " etc. Is something amiss with T.Bird that is known to you ? Otherwise, any idea what's occurred please ? many thanks > ... ... -02-19.jpg
18-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save


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12-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Iframes, sessions within iframes, CORs - 3rd Party Cookies

Hi All, I posted this question on StackOverflow earlier today: ... ... nt-conside Is there any documentation from Mozilla or anyone else regarding sessions in iframes or what the definition of 3rd party cookies is? Basically, I have an embeddable iframe widget that can be used on any website. With the proper CORS headers set, I'm seeing strange behavior when an iframe first loads in terms of session management. If I try to start a new session and set a session variable when the iframe content initially loads on a cross-origin domain, Firefox will not send the cookie containing the session ID...
16-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Help needed with strange YouTube/Firefox issue

Hi! My mom runs Ubuntu 18.04.2 (64-bit) and Firefox 64. Her Firefox experience with YouTube had been flawless until tonight. For some reason, when she's logged in to YouTube, some channel she's *not* trying to view tries to load. For example, she'll visit YouTube and while her home page is loading, a "Freedom Beauty" channel will try to load and will get stuck in a loop. I can click the 'Home' button to leave YouTube and everything works fine. If I log her out of YouTube (delete all cookies) *before* opening the YouTube site, the problem *does not* happen. If I log her back in to YouTube, the...
11-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

A Bookmark Folder Has Disappeared

My Bookmarks were very overgrown and I started finding lots of duplicates and dead links, so it was time for some Spring cleaning on this snowy day. I spent some time checking all the links, deleted the dead or useless ones and the duplicates, and then re-arranged some things, including creating a couple of sub-folders under one of the existing folders, and splitting out some of the bookmarks to the sub-folders. Everything was working fine until I dragged this folder to a new position on the Bookmarks list, and it disappeared. This folder contained many of my most often used bookmarks and...
10-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Show more than 6 email address suggestion during typing?

When I compose a new email and start typing a pattern into "TO": entry field for the recipient then currently a maximum of only 6 email address completion suggestions are shown (retrieved from my address book). Is there a way to increase the number of suggestions to lets say 15? Thank you Peter
10-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Mozilla Crash Reporter and Firefox 65.0 update

Why does the Mozilla Crash Reporter appear every time I close a Firefox window? This just started happening after I updated to Firefox Quantum 65.0 I tried disabling the Reporter with the Application file, even that doesn't stop the crash reporter from showing up every single time I close the window. The irony is that the program is not even crashing. I'm just closing the window, and about 60 seconds later the Crash Reporter appears, wanting to send a report about a "crash" that never even happened. Has anyone else experienced this, and/or have a solution?
08-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

How is this site remembering after everything cleared?

Firefox 64.0.2. Started with clean profile (i.e. profile folder emptied). Changed Options > Privacy & Security > History from default to "Use custom setting for history". Checked "Clear history when Firefox closes", went into its settings and checked everything (per the following picture for clarity): Went to ... . Typed something in search box, picked a suburb and closed Firefox. Reopened Firefox, went back to ... , and the search box is pre-filled with the same suburb. WTF? How does that happen with the above settings? On startup, the Cookies and Site Data > Manage Cookies and Site Data list...
08-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird and X cannot communicate securely

Error: "thunderbird and X cannot communicate securely because they have no common encryption algorithms." I started getting this error message for various sites (x = ... etc) a few weeks ago. I can read email if I dismiss the error panels, but it is a nuisance, Anyone know how to prevent these errors from showing up? I have old versions of everything, since I have $$$ peripherals that only run on an old system. Thanks,
10-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save
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