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[AP] Struggling with Nividium collection for PHQ

Okay, this is probably a really dumb situation for most but I'm getting pretty frustrated. I'm at the point in the PHQ mission where I need to collect 75 Nividum. I read in a different thread that Mosquito missiles could be used to blow up a Nividium asteroid into smaller chunks but after throwing 500 at the one in CEO's Wellspring it's still completely solid and not a single inch of its "Hull Strength" bar has dropped. So then I read Hornet missiles work, but apparently I don't own any ships that can load Hornets. I don't have a Hyperion yet and I'd rather not have to go buy one just for this...
25-04-2018 - egosoft.com save

[XBTF] Using TL's

Had a search and couldn't find if my specific issue had been covered before. Is it possible to hire multiple TL's at a time and then transport multiple stations? It seemed like I was able to hire both Split Elephants but now in Family Pride at the Shipyard there's only space to purchase 1 station. When I went back out to double check, the TL I hired in Family pride had the dialogue to either dismiss or dock at same station as me, and the TL I hired in Thuruks Beard had the dialogue to dismiss or drop my cargo. Docked back in the Shipyard and still no ability to buy a 2nd station, the FP TL is...
10-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

X² The Threat - Fighting Pirate to have better reputation with Paranid Problem.

Hi there, I hope someone can help me. I do a walkthrough on X trilogy but i'm stuck with one mission on X². I have to fight pirates to gain reputation with paranids. But every times i kill a TS pirates or a battleship pirates on Paranids sectors, my reputation lost on % to 100% with paranids reputation. So i don't know how to be friend with them. It's the mission when Bret Serra tell me to kill pirates to dock at paranids station to meet a contact on the story line. Thanks you for your help.
05-10-2017 - egosoft.com save

X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion

I have overtuning Hyperion (after Poisoned Paranid, speed >220) and i have a question: what about speed of Hyperion after RE in PHQ? >220 or 169,3 (native)?
04-05-2017 - egosoft.com save
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Have not posted lately,

Been freakin busy with RL. But, Ive started a new game and its a freakin blast (for me). Started the Bankrupt Assassin and cant count the times I had to restart before I could get my feet on the ground,lol. Ive had much fun playing this start thus far. My little guy is a pirate,mainly stealing from the Paranids and Borons. I try to keep the other factions rep in good standing. Ive finally managed to get decent weapons (from thievery,hahahaha) and thus far Im favoring 2 PAC and 6 Hepts. Of course I cant take on anything large atm. Ive arouind 5 mill credits thus far. John
01-05-2017 - egosoft.com save


What are some combat missions/scenarios one could do without hurting his reputations with other races. I have good Argon,Paranid,Boron and Split rep. Also, if I start a plot;will the combat hurt any of these Races I have mentioned. My main drive is trade to make my credits . Thanks, John
09-03-2017 - egosoft.com save

TD class ships?

While I was browsing the Web Archive of Old Argonopedia, I found two TD class ships: ... - Boron Cuttlefish ... - Argon Lander. As I understand, these are ships that were used in the X2 cutscenes. So, it means, they are actually in the game, am I right? Where are their names and descriptions taken from? Where the very "TD" designation comes from? I cannot find them in the game files. Are models of Paranid, Split and Teladi TDs anywhere in the X2 files? Alan Phipps wrote: Aren't they the Planetary Landing Ships whose in-game function was considered but never implemented in X2? As the ship...
04-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

Poisoned Paranid Start

I enjoyed playing pirate this time with the Poisoned Paranid Start. It took three tries but I finally made it to Bad Debt from Preacher's Refuge. Bad Debt and Ministry give more opportunities for trade and an easier time to upgrade in Teladi space. Ministry of Finance provides many chances to buy and sell Energy, Ore and sometimes Silicon. Sometimes I'm offered a used M4 for sale when I get to a higher Teladi rep. This time I earned enough to buy a Kestral in Ministry and began my pirate career with this one, with a PAC and an IRE in front. The PP start makes target ID easy: the Paranid are...
03-10-2016 - egosoft.com save

Question about x3tc plots

Well i finally scanned the pirate base and did the waves and waves of xenon in circle of labor (bankrupt assassin start, most assuredly hard) and the decafs in treasure chest. My plan is to do enough of the plotline missions (i might leave terracorp and otas alone, they seem a little sinister, great jumpdrives tho) to keep the political and economic situation evolving. So my question is: If i dont do the plotlines do they proceed without me? Does the political economic and military situation evolve if i dont do the plots? Right now im taking advantage of the argons lack of appreciation of the...
15-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

Resupply rates on player destroyed assets?

Are the resupply rates realistic at all, ie based on resources like ore mines etc, or do they just respawn automagically? EDIT: Realized i had some other related questions. If i go into a paranid or boron border sector and leave not one piece of shrapnel riveted to another, how long till they start respawning? Do they respawn all at once? How long does it take for a complete recovery? Thanks
09-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

X£ AP - Terran Commander

After starting with X-BTF then X-Tension, X2 and X3, Stopped playing X-Series when Rebirth only allowed us one ship - but dusted the AP dvd's off the other day and started Terran Commander. A. Started with a few taxi jobs and then picked up quite a few missiles in War sectors between Asteroid belt and Omicron. Then - braved Omicron in the Katana to get to PTNI. B. Once in PTNI - 2 kestrels with full engine tuning started mapping the verse (one to Aldrin the other through Split, Teladi, Boron and Paranid) whilst several Valkyries went to save important stations from "God" both in Aldrin and...
22-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Invincible NPCs from plots

Please help me find all the invincible NPCs in albion prelude. No legitimate reason for that, I'm just bored. Most of them (if not all) disappear after their roles in their missions are over, please remind me who doesn't so I can blow up their station/ship and collect those people as trophies. For example, the dude who flew the Xperimental shuttle bailed, got picked up by me and later ejected in paranid prime now permanently takes up a docking bay in paranid shipyard. A moment ago I blew up the goner temple and picked up an astronaut called "goner database". A bit of side notes though, people...
09-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Stuck at Terran Plot... bug?

Hi, currently I am doing the Terran plot and Im in the phase of deploying satelites. Well probably you have someone named Robert Pearle on board during that, since I changed my ships in between and sold the old one. When I wanted to go on with the plot, it said "Pidk up Robert Pearle" in "Paranid Prime", which is where i bought (and sold) my ship. So, since cargo bay life support is Installed, I picked him uo. And nothing happens at all In Paranid Prime, he gets massively fired at by the local military ships, but they stop when I pick him up, and start again when I drop him. But the Mission...
22-02-2016 - egosoft.com save

Has anyone boarded a Yaki TL recently?

Just back playing X3TC again, long time away, a Yaki TL was one of my first ever ships to board using an M6 long ago. Looks like things have changed big time on the boarding. I’m using an M7M now with pods, not only does the Yaki TL shoot them all down, even with my fighters distracting it, it runs away at top speed (faster than my M7M can keep up), has Sentry lasers and firewall installed, and even after dispatching its 5 support fighters, another 2 turned up to assist from Yaki space into Paranid space! Blimey. I was impressed, it felt like I was playing against a real person. (I hired the...
27-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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XP AP Starts without Regedit?

Good afternoon everyone. I heard XR is getting in a really great place, which put me in an X mood, but I realized I haven't done the X3AP storylines yet. Which leads me to the obvious questions -- what starts. The single Terran start is the only way to do the Terran plot, everything else can do the Argon plots, then there's the 3 expansion plots that everyone can run. But there's almost no information out there on X3 AP starts. Almost everything redirects you to X3 TC starts -- which makes sense due to the game having the same starts... ... Except the unlock conditions don't always exist now,...
21-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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Stupid Stock Exchange Won't unlock (X3AP)

Ok, i pass the requirements of the boron and paranid stock exchanges but they won't unlock even when i dock at them. do i need to do something else for those as well? I'm paranid friend of priest and my trade rank is retailer. so why can't i access the stupid stock exchange! I run Windows 10...
14-10-2015 - egosoft.com save

[X3TC] Help with Dragonfly complex CAG seller setup

So I've just set up a Dragonfly complex in Queen's Retribution and my CAG Mistral SF is buying energy fine, however I'm having issues with my seller CAG Mako and I'm hoping you guys can help! The Equipment dock doesn't stock the missiles which from what I've read is exactly what you want, and the CAG rank is Major Dealer. It has Ware List type set to Trade List with Dragonfly Missiles being the only option. Trade duties it is set to salesmen and I've not touched anything else (no Jumpdrive naturally since it's all in sector) Are there any settings I've missed that is causing him to just stay...
04-10-2015 - egosoft.com save
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[X3-TC] Where have all the Xenon gone?

I've been away from the Game for the last two years but, in the last week or two, I've picked up where I left off. I have a well developed "Empire" and I'm totally self-sufficient in virtually all wares, particularly weapons, shields and missiles. To give you an idea, I have 30 odd Arans,many of them at my player EQs and many more loaded with 30 SF ships, most stuffed out with missiles and weaps etc. Anyway, all that might suggest I've "done a bit". So, now I come to my question . . . I've just been realigning the Hub Gates, hoping to give the Paranid some grief. I've never messed with the...
22-03-2015 - egosoft.com save
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Trapper Tim's Guide to Building the Resource Backbone

Introduction and disclaimers First disclaimer: I apologize for the massive wall of text. If this could be explained in a paragraph it would probably not be worth explaining. A whole lot of words doesn't necessarily make it worth explaining either, but I try. Second disclaimer: Like most things I do, if your game is full of Mk3 traders set as UT this isn't going to make them happy. If you have STs in the target region they aren't going to be happy either. Third disclaimer: If the cookies are missing, the dog must have gotten them. Now, what is the purpose of this Resource Backbone ? One of my...
12-03-2015 - egosoft.com save
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Must have saved the Emperor's mistress...

So the Paranid's hate me. Not at always red shoot on sight levels...quite...but I'm thinking they must be close. I start up this little business. It has four freighters, two CLS guys and two CAGs. I'm pretty confident about programming CLS, but I can screw up a CAG nine ways to Sunday. So I'm sort of filling in time while I keep an eye on things to make sure I got it right. At times like this a little mission madness is just the ticket, especially since the fabs and freighters and start up cash has dented my wallet, so I start looking around. This Paranid pops up, and since he is waving a...
28-02-2015 - egosoft.com save
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