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Back from surgery with my new boobies

Hiya girls , well its my turn now , heres MY story :- Well finally after waiting 9 months , the 15thJan 2010 finally came . I woke up yesterday morning at 7 am , got all my kids off to school and nursery and my bags togethr , My hubby and i set off to Park Hill Hospital n Doncastor at 10:45am . We were travelling from Scarborough , so arrived about 12:45 , as we stopped for him to have a drink etc on the way . When we got to Park Hill , i was shown to my room ( room 15) . and shown where the t and coffe was for hubby . we were told that the nurse , anethsatist( cant spell ) , and Mr kazzazi...
17-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

My ba tomorro

Cant belive i am going for my BA tomorro ( Mr Kazzazi , Park Hill , Doncaster . 435cc low profile . unders ) . I am so excited , but very nrevous too . i havnt slept most of the week , and have been shaking . I would just like to say thankyou to everyone fo all the info and support over the last few months . you have all been a great help . It is so nice to be able to talk to people about it as i dont have alot of people who know about my op . Thanks again , i will tell everyone my story and put pics on asap xxxxx .
14-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Finally back with low profiles...

Well at last I finally got there.. had my BA yesterday at Doncaster with Mr Kazzazi at Park Hill Hospital which I cant fault at all both my hubby and I were treat very well and the nursing staff were lovely. Didnt go to theatres until after 6pm and was so dry after not drinking for ten hours but when i finally got there the anaethetist was lovely and said think of something nice and before I knew it I was awake and in discomfort , he asked me what my pain score was and immediately gave me some morphine which settled things down. Ive had unders and have discomfort but not as bad as I thought...
12-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Ba with mya mr kazzazi - correcting asymmetric boobs

Hey I'm hoping to get BA done in Feb/March with MYA. I went for a consultation back in March/April last year but its taken nearly a year of debating and being in a better financial situation to decide this is something I really want I saw mr kazzazi (think thats spelt right?!) on my second appointment who told me that he could help and could improve the symmetry of my breasts which I was soooo pleased to hear! I'm a size 34 AA on one side and a full A on the other which I've despised since I'm 5ft8 and have quite a womanly figure (size 10/12 - Big hips!) so I decided a C would be a great size...
09-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Should i cancel my ba?

Hi girlies, I had my 2nd consultation with Mr Kazzazi today and im now thinking about cancelling my op During my first one he told me i had asymmetry that would not be able to get corrected (my nipples are not on the same level) and would prob be exaggerated after my BA..so i wanted to see him again about different sized implants. So this time he measured my boobies again and told me i had a difference in my chest wall. My left side, so the left side of my ribcage, is more prominent than the right?! has anyone else been told this?? He said it would made my implants sit differently on my chest...
07-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Asymmetrical boobies!

Hi girlies, I due to have my BA on 22nd Jan with Mr Kazzazi, and at my consultation he said i had one boob slightly bigger than the other but said it didnt require different sized implants. This is really starting to bother me as i dont want them to be odd when i have them done! Im trying to arrange a 2nd consultation to discuss it with him more but its proving difficult as when ever im available hes not and vice versa Had anyone else started off with odd sized boobies and have the same sized implants in both? If so, what was the outcome? Do they look better/worse? Did you wish you had...
01-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Op on friday !!!

Hi guys wondering if anyone else in on friday ! i have to be at doncaster parkill hospital at 1pm friday !! ooh scary stuff now !!! having 460ccmhp unders with mr kazzazi staying overnight, currently im a size 34 b (empty from breastfeeding) , size 10 5t 2! feeling a bit nervous now but very excited too ! got my bigger pjs today and v pillow so ready to go !
07-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

I dont no what to do?

Hi girlies, Well i had my consultation with Mr kazzazi this afternoon and it didnt quite go as i had planned. Im a 32a and i was hoping to become a 32d/dd but he told me i would not be able to achieve this due to lack of breast tissue and that a C would be the biggest i could get. He also said that my right nipple is 8mm higher than the left so its an almost certainty that they will be uneven post-op im really scared about this and not sure if i want to go through with it now as im worried it will look really odd. He said he would try his best to make it as subtle as possible but it still...
22-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

I'm back with my new twin peaks hahaha 11/12/09, mya mr kazzazi

Right so, i'm back on my sofa, alive, and theres hardly any pain this isn't what i was expecting!! haha so i got picked up from my house at half 7 with my mam, in a REALLY posh silver car! mm xD arrived at doncaster park hill at around 10 and got taken to my room, number 19 was absolutely CRAPPING myself nice nurse came in, gave me my sockies and paper nickers and gown to put on asked me a few medical questions few minutes later the anaestetist came, such a lovely man, laughing at me because i wanted the magic cream on my hand for the needle haha, yes, i know i'm a puff but the needle was the...
12-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Oh my god it's tomorrow!!!

Oh. my. god. i wasn't pooping myself til now!!! :| i'm a wreck and i'm not even there yet post op girls whats the anaesthetic like? and the needle? omg, the needle!!!! :| they better be big enough, or me n kazzazi are gonna fall out :P how scary is this Becky xxx
10-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Mr kazzazi before and after pics please

Hey girlies! Im booked in with Mr Kazzazi on 22nd Jan but i havent been able to see any before and after piccies by him as of yet and id really like to see his work. Can anyone help me? Thanks Hollie x
03-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Anyone who has had mr kazzazi, mr singh or mr adamo enter please

Went for my first consultation and have narrowed it down to these three surgeons. Any comments or stories regarding the above would be very helpful please. Thanks xx
24-11-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Mr kazzazi? info needed!

Just rung up mya and got a quote to have my implants taken out and new one put in it will cost me £5500 ! im really not willing to pay that! that was with mr singh, and she also told me that i wud have to go to london to have the op! i live in sheffield so thats to far for me! I no its cheaper to have a day case and i can only have that at doncaster because it close to home and i know that mr kazzazi works there. So im wanting a bit of info on him... is he as good as mr singh? and is he a biig boob man like mr singh? im really wanting this but not willing to pay £5500, thats just a stupid...
17-11-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

When to wear underwire bras again.?

Hi im nearly 3weeks post op im new 2 this so ive got loads of questions if anyone can help.i had an uplift and implants done with dr kazzazi just wondered when i could wear a normal underwire bra again.xx
12-11-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Consultation with mr kazzazi

So i've had my 2nd consultation with mr kazzazi, i was expecting him to be really posh/stuck up but i felt really comfortable with him. He was just sat there eating pringles lol, nice man. He offered me 410 cc and 460 cc and i said i would deffo go with the 460 cc making me a 32 DD..in fact i have concerns this might not be big enough still, but he said he wouldnt go any bigger im 32b atm, 5"6, size 10/12, 9 stone 7. Anyone with same sort of stats had this size? I want them to look noticably large but still natural. ALSOO...he said he would HAVE to do unders which i didnt really want as ive...
27-10-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

My turn tomorrow

OMG i'm in tomorrow admission time 2pm. Doncaster parkhill Mr Kazzazi. I'm sooo nervous been feeling really sick all day. I could'nt sleep at all last night. I've gone speechless nerves have definatley kicked in AAAARRRRGGGHHH.One thing i do know what to say is to all the girls who've helped me with advice and pictures n stuff thank you soooo much you've all been a great help. I'm glad i found this forum i've been on it every day, been able to chat to others who are going through the same thing. I'm off now to get everything in check pack my stuff for tomorrow i'm stopping in overnight sad my...
11-10-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

13th november at doncaster, park hill with mr. kazzazi

Hi everyone!! My BA is booked for 13th November at Doncaster with Mr. Kazzazi. Does anyone else have theirs booked for that date and location? Let me know if you have! Im currently a 32a, size 8, 5'4, 8 stone and having 380cc unders, which should take me up to 32d. Anyone who is/was same stats as me, please add me as a friend. x x
09-10-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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16th of october

Anyone else booked in for that day or around then? im having mine in doncaster with mr kazzazi xxx
08-10-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Hi has anyone got pics of low and mod profile unders xxxxx

HI im having BA on nov 13th under kazzazi at doncaster, does anyone have pics of low profile or moderate profile unders , he has advised 470 cc medium low profile unders Im terrified Im going to loo huge can anynoe help , i ve seen couple of pics from girls who have had them but they have been overs xx and a=cant find much on the internet at all xxxx
25-09-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Small 36b having 410cc overs

Hi everyone! I'm new to this website (is it just me of is it quite confusing?? Hah.) I'm booked in for my op on the 16th of October with Mr Kazzazi in Doncaster with MYA. I was wondering if anyone would be ever so nice as to let me see some photos who have had similar size boobs and similar size implants as me. It would be much appreciated! Bex xxx
24-09-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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