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[AP] Struggling with Nividium collection for PHQ

Okay, this is probably a really dumb situation for most but I'm getting pretty frustrated. I'm at the point in the PHQ mission where I need to collect 75 Nividum. I read in a different thread that Mosquito missiles could be used to blow up a Nividium asteroid into smaller chunks but after throwing 500 at the one in CEO's Wellspring it's still completely solid and not a single inch of its "Hull Strength" bar has dropped. So then I read Hornet missiles work, but apparently I don't own any ships that can load Hornets. I don't have a Hyperion yet and I'd rather not have to go buy one just for this...
25-04-2018 - egosoft.com save

List of commercial NATIVE LINUX games

NO wine, NO emulators. Only games running under pure Linux, with real Linux ports qualify for this list. Help me fill it out. Focus on commercial / "free commercial" games. This list at Slashdot seems interesting, too. I don't know all the games on it yet. ... First / Third Person Shooters / Adventures / Sneakers / Survival Horror etc. Wolfenstein 3D Doom (lots of engines) Doom II Heretic (hheretic) Hexen (hhexen) Strife Rise of the Triad Duke Nukem 3D (icculus, eDuke32, JFDuke3D) Shadow Warrior (JFShadowWarrior) Marathon Trilogy (Aleph One) (now free) System Shock 1 (TSSHP) Descent 1, 2, 3...
18-06-2013 - gentoo.org save
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X3 TC PHQ, RE and Hyperion

I have overtuning Hyperion (after Poisoned Paranid, speed >220) and i have a question: what about speed of Hyperion after RE in PHQ? >220 or 169,3 (native)?
04-05-2017 - egosoft.com save
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Trading and the war

Playing a Humble Merchant. I have numerous CLS and mutiple sector and local traders going. I got involved in the war without thinking what was going to happen to my ranking with ATF and Terran. Well Ive blown that and it seems to difficult to get that back up. Also I am at the point to cap a Xenon L and thats proving to be improbable. Each time I find one (or two);the Ls are in battles and someone finishes them off,lol. But, thats ok also. I just want to get my trading empire going. At the sake of losing my vanilla game,Im up for suggestions for mods to change the game so I can access Teran. I...
17-03-2017 - egosoft.com save
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[X3AP] Boarding: is the loot depending on Marines Skill levels?

Lately i have been boarding quite a lot, switching from spacewalking from my Hyperion to mostly M7M-based boarding (i use a Cobra). Until now i always got rather empty hulls, with just the occasional minor quantity of trash (a couple of missiles or drones in an M7). Lately (the last two M7 i got from the Yaki and a Jonferco mercenary) i started getting somemore substantial loot, such as 16 CIG or 8 HEPT and I am wondering why. May that be because i am using slightly more trained marines? If yes, can i expect even better loot if I use 5 star marines?
25-05-2016 - egosoft.com save

Wing and Fleet Commands question

Hi all I’m curious what precisely is the point of the Wing and Fleet commands, because from my point of view they are completely useless, for example say I want to group a bunch of Griffins together to deal with fighter swarms, currently there is no way to command grouped ships to do that, if I want to do that I need to designate one ship as the leader and then tell all the other ships to attack the leaders target which entirely defeats the whole purposes of the exercise. I though the idea of the wing and fleet commands was to eliminate this kind of messing about so that I can just group ships...
21-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

Shield recharge question ?

Hi all I’m curious why is the shield recharge rate of the Hyperion so slow? Because according to my math the shields on the Hyperion should actually recharge a lot quicker than they do Ok so the shied reactor of the Hyperion is 2,500,000 KW (2,500 MW) The power requirement of 5x 200mj shied is 1,500kw x 5 = 7,500kw (7.5MW) Clearly the reactor on the Hyperion is more than powerful enough to recharge all 5 shields at 100% speed so I’m curious why the recharge rate is slower than say a Vali ? yes the Vali has a more powerful shied reactor than the Hyperion but that shouldn’t make the slightest...
02-03-2016 - egosoft.com save

UT Hyperion OSS loadout

Hi all Ok so I just finished reverse engineering a Hyperion and I'm about to start building a few to replace the ships I'm currently using as UTs aka my Springblossoms because its really annoying having to continually intervene due to that that little bug in the UT script that stops my UTs working plus Hyperions are tougher and much easer to equip then Springblossoms anyway I need to understand how best to equip them for OOS combat now I know the FBL is utterly horrible and completely unless IS but I'm wondering if this is still the case OOS because my understanding of OOS combat is that...
09-10-2015 - egosoft.com save

Missile strike

Hi all I just acquired a Hyperion and loaded it up with 40 or so wraiths and 40 or so hammerhead missiles that I’d salvaged and though I’d have a bit of fun in heretics end because I don’t normally bother with missiles but no matter what I shoot at I simply cant hit the target the missiles keep getting shot down I tried firing 20 hammerheads at an Osaka and I’m lucky if maybe 2 hit and while I had better results with the wraiths I still couldn’t kill the Osaka because most of the missiles got shot down same thing when I try to take down frigates they just shot them down before they do any...
10-05-2015 - egosoft.com save

Wraith missile fabs

The starting 2 Wraith fabs are both gone, when god removes them, how long does it for them to re-appear? I'm in the Hyperion and was hoping to use the Wraiths for the Khaak final mission, incase the Wraith fabs don't re-appear in good time, what would be a commonwealth alternative?
08-03-2015 - egosoft.com save

Is boarding success influenced by player proximity? X3AP

I have not yet tested this theory, and the observation only comes from a single case, so it's easy to dismiss. Here's the background: I was attempting to cap a PX via spacewalking with my Hyperion, and after the 50th or so attempts, the pulsed beam emitters finally somehow allowed all 8 marines to latch on. Immediately I saved, and the next 30 or so reloads came from failing the boarding op from all marines dying in the ship. During each of those reloads, I would instantly attempt to put as much distance as possible between me and the PX, so that I could wait out the operation. Eventually,...
22-10-2014 - egosoft.com save
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[X3TC] How can I make my CLS Logistician deliver to my ships in X347?

I am currently running an occupation of Xenon 347 using Boreases (amongst other things) and want my dude in the Hyperion V to deliver GC ammo to them. Needless to say, there is going to be some enemy present in the area. How can I get him to man-up and fly in?
20-10-2014 - egosoft.com save
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Why didn't anyone tell me about the Carrack?

This thing is a monster! Okay, I realize that using PBCs is a bit of a grey area. Putting that aside, equipping four of these on each side results in an incredible ship. Taking on fighters is easy (M5-M3), and the only time I had trouble was coming through a gate into a cloud of pirate M3s with PBGs. Managed to get out in time, but that's a threat to anything (shy of PSG-users, I guess). Taking on corvettes is still pretty easy --- they go pop pretty quickly if you can bring all 8 to bear on your target, though you'll need to be careful against 3+. Taking on M7s (more than one) is the biggest...
19-05-2014 - egosoft.com save

Breaking the Xenon Graveyard Mission [BIG SPOILERS IN HERE]

Why bring a knife to a knife figth when you can you bring your own task group. Below is the instructions on how to maximize and reduce the difficulty of the Xenon graveyard mission. 1) Acquire the Acinonyx and equip it with a docking computer. Transfer yourself to another ship and remote command the acinonyx to jump to Lost Order. 2) Bring your own task group all docked into a carrier. While you can bring any ship that can dock an the Acinonyx, ships that can dock an M8 are recommended. That being said the Kyoto is most highly recommended. The best setup for me is a Kyoto with full frontal PSP...
08-05-2014 - egosoft.com save
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[x3tc] A boarding spree (and M2-M1 questions)

So, i've been dabbling around in x3tc for quite a while, built a few plex, finished some plots and never got around to capping. i was delaying the last mission of terran plot for a specific reason. i want to cap something there, you know what. still flying around in m6-m7 i thought i could finally need an m2, 200 mil on the bank but after browsing the nets for hours on end, i couldn't make up my mind on which to buy. so in frustration, i thought i should finally get around and try my luck with boarding. the only thing i capped so far was a hyperion, my main ship, nothing else, but i do have a...
01-05-2014 - egosoft.com save
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[X3 AP] Hyperion Vanguard + Hammer Heavy Torpedo Facility = Fail

Anyone else got this one? No matter what I do, undock=me blowing up. I ended up ordering a different ship to dock, changed to it, undocked, left system and undocked the Hyperion OOS. I have heard this is a problem for certain other stations, but never this particular station before. Anyways, glad it happened at a point where I actually had a fast/capable ship able to join me to bail me out
22-10-2013 - egosoft.com save

Where are the Hyperions in X3AP?

Just started playing X3AP after stopping TC for over a year where I found at least a couple of Hyperion Vanguards patrolling Paranid sectors around Pontifex Seclusion. However, I haven't seen any Hyperions in AP ... where are they? Also, are they Acinonyxs patrolling Split sectors to be captured?
02-06-2013 - egosoft.com save
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AP 3.0 questions

I returned back to AP after a long period away. Now updated to 3.0 and have a couple of Q's. 1. Have the mission rewards been reduced in 3.0? Before 3.0 I used to get around 5mill for a transport or taxi mission but now lucky to get 1mill. Have the rewards changed or is the RNG playing tricks on me? I'm max rank with all of the Commonwealth races with trade rank of capitalist. 2. Maybe the RNG again but I seem to see more yaki in the combat missions. I want to be friends with the yaki for the ibl and trade opportunities in weavers, senators, and ocracr OK keys. Will killing the yaki on the...
26-05-2013 - egosoft.com save

Help/advice with shady business plot

I have reached the stage where I am waiting for the heavy dragon to be upgraded and suddenly I am being constantly attacked by jonferco mercanaries and yaki assassins. This wouldn't be a problem expect with every attack the strength increases. Currently the force consists of 1 destroyer, 2 frigates, and 4 corvettes. They seem to mainly be attacking my headquaters so I have set up a defence fleet of 2 Megalodons, 1 Kyoto, panther raider, thresher, Agamemnon and 2 nemesis's. At the moment the fleet is coping but if the attacking forces get much stronger I am going to struggle to survive. I have...
24-05-2013 - egosoft.com save

Tips for capturing Hyperion with a TP

Ok, I have a TP (Ocelot) and 10 decent marines, I also have a few mk 2 drones in my cargo bay.. I was thinking... 1, get close to the hyperon, release 3 drones (set them to shoot shields if you can?) 2, blast with ebc's and a few silkworms (hopefully my drones will attack too) 3, click on (follow) and select hyperion, the bottom turret should still fire on the hyperion.. 4, open cargo bay to release marines wait until they enter ship then disengage- recall drones Would this work? or am I making obvious mistakes?
23-05-2013 - egosoft.com save
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