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Dr Frati Nose Job

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Harley medical- dr frati or mr graham????????

Hiya, I have been to the harley medical centre in Maidstone twice to meet nurses regarding a rhinoplasty. The nurses are lovely and so easy to talk to... I am now booked in for a consultation to meet Dr Frati on the 18th of jan. After reading reviews on so feminine i have found that he is known for being very good at boob jobs, and i have read a few reviews regarding nose jobs, where ppl are not happy and have had to go back! I have come across forums where ppl are speaking about a Mr Philip Graham and loads of ppl have said that they are happy with the nose jobs that he has done.. so i am...
13-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Back from highgate!! my story....

Hey girls, im home from highgate.. just to recap on what i had done, i had 290 and 310cc with a areola lift and reduction on the right... I am size 8, 5ft 7 and 81/2 stone... with HMG and Dr Frati. Ok, so i arrived there really early as thought traffic would be bad on the m25 but it wasnt.. still was shown to my room quickly.. Watched GMTV for half hour which was funny as it was about ways to boost your boobs with bras! and then the nurse came in to see me... I got my tights, gown, paper knicks and took my make up off...Then Mr Frati arrived who istantly put me at ease, he was so confident and...
04-06-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Nose tip job by dr frati

Hi, I was unhappy with my 'bum' nose for years and years - had loads of heavy cartilage around the tip and hated it! Finally decided to do something about it and Dr Frati did the best job ever! With tip only rhinoplasty I had no bruising/v little swelling and plaster was off in 5 days and i was out in public! Dr Frati is quite quiet and abupt - its blantant he does this everyday and does appreciate its a massive thing for the individual but his 'work' is amazing - i would highly recommend. Please message me with any questions - will be happy to give advice! xx
27-05-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Dr riccardo frati - harley medical group

Ive booked to have a nose job done at the Harley medical Group in Cardiff, wasnt too happy with the first consultation with the sales rep, as i felt it was rushed, but i am meeting the sergeon on the 21st September Dr Riccardo Frati. I was just wondering if you or anyone you know have had any surgery with him? Or if you have had any surgery done at the Harley Medical Group. Please if you have had a nose job yourself is there any advice you could give me. Thanks very much xx
06-09-2007 - sofeminine.co.uk save

My experience with having a nose job

I first had surgery two years ago to reduce the size of my very large nose. After much thought I decided to have it abroad....with Dr Frati (BEWARE)! He promised me the world.......and after the surgery which took place in Belgium at a cost of £1900, I was very disappointed. This was the first time i'd had surgery so the after effects were new to me. I accepted the bleeding, swelling,scars as the norm. I had an after care consultation and made the Dr aware of my disappointment. He assured me that the full results would be apparent after a year and so I waited. After a year I contacted the...
12-07-2007 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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