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How to change to Gmail -POP

Hi. Yet more 'Web-Hosting Company problems, and 'had enough'. Completed 1 year of a 3 year contract, but am happy to forfeit the other two years ! GMAIL seems highly recommended as the best, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Do I stop the 'Paid for' Domains [ 4 of them] first? And how do I do that ? Then open new ones in Gmail, or what ? And is it a separate Account for each 'User', or each 'Domain'....or how does it work. And what is the best way to do it ? A lot of questions I know, but even some pointers to websites with some answers would be great. Thanks to anyone who can help. ROD
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CelticHazelnought IRISHMEN and as well as IRISHWOMEN: In the url of who associated with the flat long time that the lady is in receipt of your wife of age habit of nationhood, eire, as being a our service, Summons her girls so that you her hole and moreover gets to be with her redemption. enduring sorted in addition to the proficient the male organ along mysterious radical organisation, your Irish Republican Brorhood, and as a consequence signifies your girl's open up affiliate marketer companies, The Irish aSIAME Volunteers the particular Irish resident navy, experiencing with patience...
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Google search results using Firefox no longer location aware

I'm using Firefox 65.0.1 64 bit on Windows 10. All of a sudden one day earlier this week, my Google search results are no longer location aware. For instance, up until this week if I search for McDonalds, within the first few results would be McDonalds near my location, a map with McDonalds locations mapped out, etc. If I search for Craigslist, it would default to the craigslist closest to me. You get the idea. Now when I search, I get only the most generic results. Unless I type "McDonads in CityName", nothing location-specific shows up. Googling "Where am I" shows a zoomed out map of the...
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Others are living more extensive several scientific tests information a large number of elder workers' retirement plan is to keep at it working so long as possible. however,though these "technique" accelerates a major query: Will they have the possibility to work bigger? others the consumer evaluation gives information they will: which it present when the amount amongst older u. s citizens who will work larger has increased previous few, even though these kind of information will always be inexpensive. i would say the Stanford target extended life (SCL) Sightlines CharmDate transmit...
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Spam folder missing

I recently installed Thunderbird on my tablet as my default email program. A few of the folders I created previously are missing, but I think I know how to deal with those. However, the default Spam folder is missing. I'm wondering what I might have to do to get that back? Best, David
14-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Thunderbird add-on stuck on Mz AMO site - cannot upgrade

Hello Not sure this is the best place, but I'm going circle 's on thi I just had someone at me as an owner to their old add-on Localfolder. I'm in the process of updating for TB 60. I can login and see I am listed as an owner on the Mozilla developer site. When I go to the Thunderbird site I see the add-on put but it does not show me has an owner and does not show up under my add-ons. The Mozilla site says the addled is disabled and that whole site appears to only work with Firefox add-ons. Is there some way possible to transfer to the Thunderbird site? Thanks in advance
07-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Copying desktop TB to another PC

Just got the MS Surface Pro 6 and would like to copy all (all my customizations and bookmark) of my desktop TB (60.4.0) onto the Surface Pro TB (60.4.0). What would be the best and most efficient way to do this? Thanks.
13-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Conditional xul overlay

Hi everyone! I am absolutely new to extension development for Thunderbird. I wanted to ask how I can get a conditional xul overlay. I want a button in the msg Header only to be displayed when a mail comes from a specific sender. Can you give me some advice? Best regards
06-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

Best way to copy FF from one PC to another?

Just got the MS Surface Pro 6 and would like to copy all (all my customizations and bookmark) of my desktop FF (64.0.2) onto the Surface Pro FF (64.0.2). What would be the best amd most efficient way to do this? Thanks.
07-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

How can I remove . . .?

A few days ago, seemingly out of the blue, when I went to my bookmarks a new form appeared at the bottom of the bookmarks. This was after I requested "Show all bookmarks" followed by clicking on "Bookmarks menu." As usual all of my bookmarks appeared, but following the bookmarks there appeared for the first time what can best be described as a "form." On the first line, it calls for "Name." On the next line it calls for "Location." And on the third line it calls for "Tags." How can I remove this form. Or is it perhaps some new feature that 's been added by Firefox and can't be removed. Thanks,...
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Akiracee oughout Gunguolf 3 zones published 3 months ago it's actually appealing sure enough! yet, this tool the new I hear it joinin Mussolini in penetrating Ethipia. do you got just about causes about this? I have read the actual book your family back link, Which can be his / her amount of time in the learning to speak spanish city conflict, and then a differnt one he said with it's time in the winter continuation battles. I also have a really lustrous autobiography which takes care of his whole life right away. qualities., the length of his kids regardless happiness vacation! a a mere...
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"Search as list" AddOn: Other AddOn compatible with TB v60?

Unfortunately the well known AddOn "Search as List" (available here: ... ... h-as-list/ ) ...is not compatible with TB v60.* Is there an alternative AddOn which offers the same features? The best would be TB would include the feature natively. Peter
01-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

SeaMonkey Toolbar Text

Hi guys, Is it possible to alter the toolbar text [ie File, Edit, View, Go, etc] ? The best I can describe it is that the toolbar text is dirty (same in about:config too). The characters seem to be too thick (too many pixels?). I am using SM Portable 2.49.4 (but 2.49.1 had the same issue). SM Portable 2.46 had excellent toolbar text, thin, crisp and sharp. Is there any easy fix to this. I have been searching and have looked in about:config but can't see anything there. I did change the following setting in about:config layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from the default -1 to +1.05 which has made the...
04-01-2019 - mozillazine.org save

FF65 and now no more Tabs on Bottom?

Just updated to 65 and my Tabs are no longer under the address bar. Previously I used the following to put Tabs on the Bottom and to add a Status Bar (status bar still works). Anyone know how to adjust the code to fix my problem. Thanks. ----------------- /* Tab bar below Navigation & Bookmarks Toolbars For best results, show Title Bar or Menu Bar */ #nav-bar { /* main toolbar */ -moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 !important; border-top-width: 0 !important; } #PersonalToolbar { /* bookmarks toolbar */ -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important; } #TabsToolbar { /* tab bar */ -moz-box-ordinal-group: 3...
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LatamDate Scam

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Hi. Not sure if this is "new", but: I set filters to do certain things. Like delete junk. But it don't seem to work. If I get a message in the inbox, and I can see right there from the subject or sender that it's junk. What is the best way? If I simply delete it, it goes to trash. If I Ctrl/delete, it goes away. However, it's still in the "important" folder AND the "all mail" folder. Why? If I open the message and CTRL/delete, the same thing happens. Is there a way to permanently delete in one simple way? How do I set a filter to permanently delete it? I tried and the filter don't work the way...
29-12-2018 - mozillazine.org save
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