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2nd ba and still not happy

As some of u may no i had 300cc unders in march 08 takin me from a flat 32a to 32c/d but wanted them bigger so had 2nd ba on wed as i had to leave it long enough for my muscle to have settled down again,i had 615cc extra full projection allergan natrelles,anyway after keep lookin in the mirror i just feel its not worth the 4600 i payed so upset!! u think they would be big with 615cc but still havent got the look i wanted an feel depressed having spent 8 half thousnad in total on my boobs just woderin if anyone as had the same problem cus i feel on a downer at the min xxx
17-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Just added pics...at last girls

Finally got some pics on girls!! dr adamo, 300cc, partial unders, if you would like to look pm me xx
18-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Anyone who was 32b who have had 300cc 340cc or 380cc any pics i could see please x

Hiyaa girls im really confused as to what size to pick I am now a 32b wantin to be a D, im 5ft 7, 9 stone Anyone have any pics i could see it would be a big help Thankyouu xx
14-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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32b having 275cc overs - what size will i be? other recommendations

Hi After 15 years I have finally decided to book my op!!!!!!! Excited but apprehensive as I hope I like the results. Want to look curvy but natural - dont we all lol. I'm 5 ft 6, size 6-8, 9 stone and a 32b, I hope 275cc will give me a D but not sure if I should go upto 300cc?. My surgeon says not if i want a really natural look. Has anyone got any advice or pictures they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Getting nervous now... but looking forward to not having to worry how curvy I look in clothes Hope I've gone for the right size. Also I'm a day case so hopefully will be ok on the first nite,...
16-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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3 & 4 week pics uploaded.

I've been very busy last week or two and not had chance to upload my latest pictures at 3 and 4 weeks post op. I've uploaded them now. password is the same as my other albums for those that have seen my pics before. if you're new and want a peek just pm me. pre op stats: 34B 300cc MHP unders Post op: 34DD(at the moment) Thanks Gina
14-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Pics of before and after 32 a to 300cc, with a bra on

Id love to see pics of someone who had 300cc from 32 a , in a bra... just to see what they look like x
15-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

5 months on, is sleeping on your front ok?

Hi guys Ive not been on here for a while but im just over 5 months p/o after having 300cc implants plus a lolly pop lift! Ive been sleeping on my front for a while now but they start to ache and feel uncomfortable l8ly.when sleeping like this..and im just wondering is it such a good idea to sleep with my weight bearing down on them? could i damage or effect there appearance by doing this? Ive already got rippling which my surgeon will hopefully sort out ..do u think sleeping on my front could make this worse also? Thanx Rachel x Will be updateing my pics soon too, so for any of you uplift...
11-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Would love to hear from anyone who had 300cc overs ,what size did you become ? xx

Any pictures would be really helpful please xx
13-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Wot sz bra

Hiya as some may know ive got my 2nd ba on wed but havent a clue what sz sports bra i need,i av 300cc at the moment an wear 32d bra but only look c cup when naked!having 615cc undecided yet.just wondering if anyone knows wot sz bra ill be and wot sz sports bra to get ive only got tomorrow to get it lol?any advice would be great
11-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

What to tell work?!

Hi Girls! I am currently going to consultations and trying to decided on surgeons etc. Planning to have my BA at the beginning of April, but currently worried about what to tell work! I don't want anyone there to know I'm having this done so do I book it as holiday and hope no one notices when i get back? I don't have enough holiday left to take two weeks off so it would have to be one week, and I'm worried if I need to take more than a week off after surgery I will have to tell them I'm ill, which will be suspicious considering I have been away for a week on 'holiday'! So instead do I book it...
17-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Anyone got a d cup or bigger with 300cc ????

300cc is all my surgeon has reconmended for me, as I am currently a very empty 32d and will be having an uplift with approx 300cc implant. I am hoping to end up with a full d cup again (or slightly bigger). Has anyone achieved this with a smaller sized implant? If you ave any pics I would be so grateful if you could pm me so I could see. thanks sarah xx
11-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Anybody had 300cc high profile unders?

Im having 300cc high profile under the muscle implants on the 2nd and was wondering if anybody had any pictures? Thanks! xx
14-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Anyone with similar stats to me? 5'2 size 8/10 34c pre-op.

If so...what size implants were you offered and does anyone have any pictures I can see of your finished results? I was offered 280cc with Elyzea, or 300cc if they could fit it in...I'm a bit confused though as I have heard of people starting out smaller who have a bigger implant so does anyone know as to why I was offered a small size? Thanks xx
10-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Do unders look bigger when swelling gos

Heya had 2nd ba on wed had 615cc unders on my 1st ba i had 300cc unders but cant remember much about swelling! at the moment the middle bit of my boobs is very swollen so they havent got the round shape yet?just wondering how long it took for swelling to go x
16-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

Anyone have pics 32a to 300cc??

Im having a ba with MYA, and my surgeon is mr chantrasack... anyone have a ba with him, and anyone have any pics going from 32a to 300cc, size 8, 5'6 sorta stats??
11-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

My new assets

Just added a couple pics on my profile before to now (4weeks) . 300cc high profile unders. Msg me if you want to have a look.
02-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

340 cc's look tiny!! please help

Hi all, I'm just over 2 weeks post-op and had 340cc high profile smooth round implants. At the consultation my surgeon gave me the choice of 300cc and 340cc, saying the 300 would take me to a c and the 340 would take me to a big c small d. I chose the 340s as I had heard that you should always go a size bigger than you think but the moment I woke up I knew they were too small. I put it to the back of my mind even though I was wearing a 34b sports bra and it wasn't even tight!! It's been 2 weeks and they've only gotten smaller!! I'm still in the b cup sports bra's but now they're loose!! How...
05-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save

2nd ba with lift

Has anyone had hp 385/410 with full uplift at same time?Had 1st ba 2004 300cc overs sagged alot so decided to replace them on 18th dec 09.Surgeon advised 300cc med profile unders 13 days post op and they look good cant believe how high they are compared to my previous sagging boobs!The space between my clevage is perfect he really did a wonderful job.However always wanted high profile implants plus the "fake look" so hoping to get that with op 3 in 12 months time.Would love to see any pics of 385/410cc unders thanks girls x
01-01-2010 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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2nd ba 300cc unders med profile plus uplift 18th dec!!!!!

Hi girls!Has anyone got post op pics of the above im only 9 days post op im dying to know how they will look 2/3 months time.Had 1st ba 2004 300cc overs looked fab for few years then they sagged and in nov 2009 loads pain!!!!!!!!.Saw fab surgeon called dr Oelbrandt in Brussels and he rec 300 unders with full lift,really wanted high profile but he said i would need 385/410 hp as 300 hp look stupid as my chest is wide.Going back 1 year for 385/410 hp as i need to let my scars settle from lift as big implants put pressure on the anchor.Has anyone had big implants with a lift before? Thanks Simona...
28-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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Weird pain... post op girls help pls

Hi girls, im 10 days post op today, had 300cc partial unders. since yesterday iv had a weird feeling in my left boob. its like if i lean forward say to pick something up off the floor when i lean back up i have a wierd feeling its hard to explain its not really painful just feels weird like inside my boob, like maybe the implant is moving slightly or something? and my right boob is not really painful at all but my left is feeling sore. i think i might have done something from over doing it, i went to my post op appointment at 7 days then i went shopping an was carrying a few bags when i...
26-12-2009 - sofeminine.co.uk save
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